Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Scrilla Guerillaz Gear/Website Addition

I Guess I'm Officially Part of The Scrilla Guerillaz Team Now!!!

Last night I posted on my social media about +Lord Daze wanting to know how my Scrilla Guerillaz shirt fit. Well, I think It fits well! I like it. And I'm happy to be a part of the team. Oh, I forgot to let him know I was also wearing my SG wristbands too, and on both wrists! :)

I also posted a screenshot from their website. They've added me and my blog to their site!!!   Just click my pic, and it will direct you to my blog!

 I am soooo grateful for it all! Furthermore, I am excited about the journey ahead of me and the Scrilla Guerillaz team! 

Make sure yall check out my segment #AudaciousAudacity on Thursdays for #scrillaguerillazmagazinelive between 9p-12a.

I gotta go, It's time to party! 

Be Safe, and May You Have A Happy New Year! 

...Chrisy Chris...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Mexican w/ GC Eternal of Kinfolk Thugs

In Memphis Tennessee
At Happy Mexican on Ridgeway
Saturday, December 26

First thing I wanted to do when I touched down in Memphis was to go to Happy Mexican on Ridgeway. When I lived in Memphis I went there like once a week for a Big Daddy Burrito and a Frozen Margarita. That place was like a lounge. It was always packed and on and poppin! They played hip hop music and everything.  

As soon as me and my girl Ciji walked In I saw GC sitting at the table with a friend/music mentor of his. I pointed GC out and told her he still looked the same. 

GC Eternal is one half of the music group Kinfolk Thugs, a hip hop music group that had Memphis Backin it up and Dumpin it ( one of their songs) somewhere around 2008. GC and Tyme Bomb both went to the same high school I went to. As you can see, GC  got our school mascot, a Cardinal tatted on his arm; he made sure he had it showing for the pic, lol. Funny thing is tho, I thought that Cardinal was a super corny mascot when I was in high school. Evidently its more than what I thought, because GC is loyal to it. lol. 

Soooo, about this pic, lol. GC throwing up our side of town ( Eastside) I was just doing a peace sign. I forgot all about the Eastside sign. Back when I was in school I was focused on boys, lol. I didn't care about reppin my neighborhood, so this Eastside sign looks kind of new to me ( shrugs shoulders) lol. 

Ciji (my friend since 8th grade) and GC enjoying the drinks at Happy Mexican. I'm going to be honest, the drinks are NOT the same. They are a tad bit weak now :( But one things for certain, GC took care of us. He said whatever they want, they can have. I was like say whaaaaat. lol. He's a real sweetheart. I stuck with my Big Daddy Burrito and my Raspberry Pina Colada Margarita.

GC and a guy that's well connected in the industry. He was a cool old man! 

I talked to GC and asked him what he has going on. He told me he's still doing music and still making it happen, and is now the CEO of Muthaland Entertainment. I told him to put my dump truck in his next video, lol, he laughed.

I also told him how much I missed him and Tyme Bomb making music together. I can tell he misses it too. I sure hope whatever is stopping them moves out of their way so that they can put on for my city together again!!! 

Follow GC on IG at @GCEternal

Check out some of their old music. Brings back memories, right!


Somebody Tell GC to Put Me In His Next Video. lol.

...Chrisy Chris...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lunch... Atlanta Falcons... Christmas Cottage

With Mrs.Canakaris, Part Owner of Atlanta Falcons
Tuesday December 22, Private Location

While taking a potty break, I snapped it up! lol. It was Falcons stuff spread throughout the place, but for some reason I liked the rug. lol. 


Mrs.Canakaris was so sweet, and super accommodating to all of her guests. Guests were invited to a mexican style lunch, combined with hot chocolate, and mini desserts. The perfect combination for their very festive Christmas cottage. That place was huge! It reminded me of a cabin. A lot of wood, and animal decor throughout the place. Oh, and Falcons stuff too :)  

Wherever there is food, you can find me! lol. 

After we ran through the food! lol.

The hot chocolate area.

Hmmm, somewhere in between lunch and dessert. 

Santa and his squad were so cute to me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. From the atmosphere, to the food. It was all good!...

Honestly, this opportunity kind of hit me by surprise and at the very last minute. Lucky me! 


 I forgot to share with you my experience from another Falcons owner, Warrick Dunn.

Another surprise event I was invited to at the Zucot Gallery. Mr. Dunn 

is always giving back to his community! I truly enjoyed the complimentary food and money saving tips.Plus, I walked away with bags of free food/groceries and even got a #PattiePie. Yaaas!

...This is my last post before Christmas...
... So, I wish you a VERY, Merry Christmas!!!

... Chrisy Chris...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hoopin For Tots Celebrity Basketball Game

An Event And Toy Drive For A Deserving Child
Sunday, December 20, Riverside EpiCenter
Presented by Atlanta Media Partners

As usual, I went in full #CurvezInTheStreetz mode, but this time I took Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine with me. I linked up with them a few weeks ago doing radio and more.

...Simply put, it was a holiday event filled with celebrities hoopin against one another, and raising toy donations for tots (kids). There were a lot of cool people there. Check out a few of the celebs in attendance.

(Left) RL from the R&B group NEXT. (Right) vendor of Ou Oui Rum. It was so grown and sexy, lol; 2 small tester cups did me just right! :)

At first glance I thought it was Noni Juice. It's far from that. 

(Left) Drea Kelly, reality tv star, and  R. Kelly's ex wife. ( Right) Telvin Nash, baskeball player.


(Left) BoneCrusher, Rapper/Music Artist.  (Right) Shay Johnson, Reality TV star, and businesswoman  promoting her new Shay Bliss hair line. 


Left) Music Artist Mykko Montana. ( Right) Hasan Yates, Ceo of Masculine Footwear, and Dvante Black, Grammy nominated engineer.

(Left) Benny Demus, Celebrity DJ. (RIght) Reece, Hot 107.9 Radio Personality.  

(Left) Michael Keith from the R&B group 112. ( Right) Lord Daze. Scrilla Guerillaz CEO, Michael Keith, and Melinda Santiago, Celebrity Manager. 

(Left) Syleena Johnson, R&B singer. ( Right) Kore Stacks, Rapper/Music Artist


(Left( Stalley, Rapper/Music Artist. (Right) Kelly Price, R&B Singer, and also my celebrity look alike. I have heard it a trillion times!

Pre-Game Pic

Due to me overbooking my day, lol, I was only able to stay for the warm-up part of the game and not the actual game itself :( But I heard the white team claimed a victory over the black team... but the real winners were the children or should I say tots! 

For more pictures and information follow Atlanta Media Partners on Instagram

That's all folks! 

...Chrisy Chris...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hennessy and Christmas Carols

At The Eleven 45 Lounge
on 12/16/15 

The guests brought toys, while Hennessy gave out drinks! 

And these two brought laughs! 


Back to the Hennessy tho, lol, the FREE Hennessy cocktails made the Christmas Carols so much better! lol. Did I mention it was free :) oh yeah, I did. 

Now, I'm not a brown liquor drinker, but what I have learned is that pineapple juice makes everything better. I put pineapple juice in all of my mixed drinks!  Hennessy and pineapple works well for me!

Buuut, right after I had my Henn and Pineapple, I got thirsty! 

@whoiszo had to buy me some water because I'm cheap & refused to spend $5 on a bottle of water. Oh well! Thanks Zo! 

Yep! Team #CurvezInTheStreetz were there! Me and @TammyDMissFat 

 s/o to CJ Carter Inc!


 (Left) Upcoming Celebrity DJ @JoshAcoff  (Right) +JacobLatimoreVEVO Singer, Dancer, and Actor. Both of these young guys are definitely making moves. I wish I would have started when I was their age. 

#Fawkyoumean @dcyoungfly has a pretty smile! My goofy ass laughed every time he said something tho. He looked at me with a funny look. I'm not sure what that look meant, but he looks all shy and innocent in this picture. lol. 

Earlier in the night guests watched a short video clip of DC Young Fly and Emmanuel Hudson donating Christmas gifts to a family in need this year. You know they acted a fool right, lol. One of the purposes of this Christmas Carol event was to collect more toys to donate to other families in need. To my understanding, this is the media company's fourth or fifth time doing a Christmas Carol event. Kudos to them!... I donated a sand art kit. I have always been a fan of the arts :) 

Now, lets talk about Emmanuel Hudson, how 'bout he showed up 4 hours into the event, as I was walking to the car. Ugggh, I wanted to laugh at him too. Oh well! 

More pics of Jacob Latimore and DC Young Fly with my guys 

@Iamnorie and @skrooge205

Now, there were about 4 other artists that performed, and sang Christmas Carols. It was nice and really put me in the Christmas spirit. Here they are.... On the red carpet. 

Right when I got ready to leave I was handed a gift bag. It had Hennessy shades, a portable phone charger by Hennessy, and a few other sporting items in the bag! Yassss, that portable phone charger has always been something I wanted. I don't know why I never ordered one. But that's ok, because now I have TWO! Lucky me.

I truly enjoyed this event, as I'm always a fan of giving back, and an even bigger fan of FREE DRINKS and LAUGHS! 

Merry Chrimus!

...Chrisy Chris...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Me + Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine & Entertainment Company

Yep, they now have a #CurvyCurly girl on the team :)

You can catch me in the streets with SG and/or on Scrilla Guerillaz Radio!

Thursday, December 10, I went to the studio and had a talk with Scrilla Guerillaz CEO @lord_daze_sg, and guess what, he wants me on the team. Now, this wasn't my first time at the studio/radio station, and it wasn't my first time hanging out with Daze; after I blogged the Scrilla Guerillaz event at the Museum Bar on  Nov 21 Daze reached out, and... I'm here now! 

Me and Daze two Thursdays ago

It was my first time  at the studio/radio station. I was nervous but Daze was super cool and made me feel welcomed. 

Again, two Thursdays ago... Me and @IvyShades after she rocked the mic during her interview

She has lyrics, and she has shades. She's been on VH1, Jet Mag, and more. 

...Now back to December 10...

Big Gipp @gippgoodie  from #GoodieMob came by and did an interview for SG. 

Daze, Hursh, Diamond, and Big Gipp

And right after he was done, yours truly was up next!

Now, let me be honest, I've never done radio before. But GOD!... God is opening up doors for me and I love it!


If you've been following me, you know me and Tammy D Miss Fat are #CurvezInTheStreetz ... so I had to have her around as I embrace this new endeavor with Scrilla Guerilla.

Now, (Clears throat, lol) from what I understand, Daze was impressed with my hustle, my bloggin skills, my social media following, and my presence as a whole.... and that's why he offered me a segment on #ScrillaGuerillazMagazineLive 

Yep, I'm going to be on the radio yall! :)

So, Daze came up with this #AskChrisyChris thing... Everything is still in limbo, so give us time to work out the kinks. lol. But the gist of it is to pick topics, and then #AskChrisyChris how she/her/me/we feel about it :) Details on how to go about this new segment and more are TBA. But don't stray away, this thing will be on and poppin in a few weeks! Matter of fact, we kind of started last week. 

Check me out! 


I'm Chrisy Chris better known as @curvycurlychrisy, also known as Chrisy P.  

Dang, no mercy. lol. She straight asked me if I can handle the Peter  Lol. The SG listeners heard my response :) 

 I can tell... This is going to be real interesting! Lol.

I'm King Size. Sized for a King! 

If you didn't know, SG started up North. I'm trying to bring Southern Spice to it!

Tune in on THURSDAYS, from 9pm -12am on or Call 404-334-0380. 

Each Thursday they have a special guest... And now they have me :)

Stay Tuned!

...Chrisy Chris...