Thursday, April 23, 2015

From Memphis to ATL

Blog Introduction

My first request!

Ok, so, I'm from Memphis. I grew up in Memphis and even went to college in Memphis. One day I was at work and  just started feeling like it was time for me to do something different with my life. And so, I decided to try moving  out of Memphis, although I knew it would be hard because I love my family and would miss my nephew Isaiah. Isaiah is  my baby! And I luuuub him :) … I was in between Houston Texas and Atlanta  but decided to try Atlanta because it wasn't far from home and I knew a FEW people in Atlanta, unlike Houston. I just didn't want to feel like I moved to a foreign place. Sooooo, about 2 years later, with plenty of set backs and money saved I QUIT MY JOB and moved to Atlanta (quitting a Job without another job is rough, but it can be done… with money saved) . Lucky for me, one of my brother's HAD TO move here ( job sent him here) so at least I had some family here. To be honest, if my brother wasn't here, I probably would have moved back to Memphis 3 months in. Atlanta isn't TOO different from Memphis but it's different. However, different is what I wanted.

IN MY OPINION, If you're not trying to make it in the entertainment business, then it might be a lil rough living and working in ATL. Everything is so far away and stretched out…. And the traffic OMG… But back to working in Atlanta, ugggggh ( rolls eyes) Not a good experience for me… But maybe it's because I'm in the social service field… I love my field but...I'm just gon' leave It at that.

THIS IS A BYOB ( Bring your own boo) city if your are a female… ( I would go into details but…. That's a whole notha' post.) …lol…. Lets just say, dating here is like a gamble, and I've never been much of a gambler.  This is a mans paradise. But for a woman, chiiiiile, this ain't for us!.... lol. UNLESS, you BYOB, or are the type to play with and chase men. I'm not that type. There are some good guys here tho. Maybe I'm just picky. I mean I am picky, but I'm not THAT picky. lol…. To be honest tho, guys really don't approach me here. I'm not going to blame that solely on ATL though. I've always heard I look " unapproachable" and that my facial expression says "Don’t come over here with no BS", lol… funny thing is though, I really do mean that. Lol.  If you're going to come to me you better come correct and like a gentlemen. And It's crazy because most people say I don't act how I look. In other words, I look wild and flamboyant, when I'm really a laid back, SOMEWHAT shy :) , stand on the side of the dance floor and NOT on the dance floor kind of girl… lol. Dudes be trying me though.. and they swear I'm younger than what I am, until I start talking, lol. That's the Virgo in me, we age gracefully:)

Ok Ok Ok, I just have to say this…. When I first moved to Atlanta I was like, It shol' is a lot of long hair  Barbie Doll looking chicks here…. lol..

I started to wonder if I was the only Plus Size, Imperfect Body, Natural Hair chick in this city ( I later found a few)…. But me being me, ( Confident Chrisy kicked in)  I was like Bump that.. I'm just gon' do me … and so, I never changed. I mean, I've always been the type to do what works for me, because I can do me better than I can do anyone else….I'm not a real "fake it til I make it" kind of person in many ways of my life…. but next thing I know, people were like where are you from???, I need to work with you on this!, I want you to be in this!… so I just went with it… But I also learned half of these folks here are NOT who they say they are. I'm just gon' leave it at that.

This is a fun city though. Depending on what you are trying to do, and how you go about doing it, you can make things happen. I have had opportunities that I probably would not have had living in Memphis, so I am grateful for that. And I definitely welcome new opportunities!!!

I'll elaborate on a few things I touched on later on down the line of blogging. LOL.

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Peace!... And a bottle of hair grease :)

Chrisy Chris… 


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog. Interesting back story. It's funny how life happens sometimes. You were that close to being here in Houston! Continued blessings and keep up the good work with your blog.


  2. From one Memphis native to another I enjoyed your back story. I am currently living in Atl as well and I have definitely had to adjust. I think being anywhere different forces one to grow in ways they may not have otherwise. I wish you much success and I look forward to your next blog.. and that BYOB comment is real..LMAO