Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inked at the Ink Factory

The NEW Tattoo!!!

Ok, so after 10+ years I decided it was definitely time to get my lil baby tattoo covered up. It was faded and plain ole outdated. It was my FIRST tattoo.

Late one evening I reached out to Mykal "Myke Roc" at INK FACTORY TATTOOS ( found him on Facebook)  Lucky for me, he got me in the next day!!!!! 

 Myke was ready to start immediately. No wait time, no time to get my mind right, no nothing! lol. I had told Myke what I wanted the night before, so he already had it drawn out when I got there. All I had to do was prop my big ole leg up and get started...

As time went by, and to take my mind off the pain, I got all in Myke's business :)  I could tell he probably  wasn't from Atlanta. But hey, who lives in Atlanta that's from Atlanta... I was right, Myke is from LA.

Turns out, Myke has been doing tattoos for 15 years specializing in CoverUps, West Coast tattoos, Asian style tattoos, custom tattoos, portraits, and out-of-state tattoo competitions. He is also part owner of the shop. And oh, Myke has his own earphones coming out soon. I saw the design. It had a bunch of artistic looking stuff on em'; they were dope!

Soooooo, I survived it yall! And without asking for 50 breaks. lol.  I'm not a ink junky so I can't stand the pain :( But hey, beauty can be painful!...  I love my new tattoo! I'm ready to show a lil leg now. lol.
Sketch (Left) Finished Tattoo ( Right)

It's huge, right. Totally exceeded my expectations. My other tattoo was way too little for my big ole leg!

If you want to get inked at the InkFactory you better catch Myke when you can because he is gone 2 weeks out of a month doing competitions.

Myke's Info:

InkFactory Tattoos
5895 Memorial Drive Suite E, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083
Open 6 days a week
Instagram:  @inkfactorytattoo
Facebook:  WorldFamous InkfactoryTattoo


...Chrisy Chris...

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