Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Not Perfect, But Worth The Picture!

For Some Reason I Thought I Could Do a Photoshoot Without Help, Tuh!

Shoutout to J. Lena  for being there to help! 

We all know I'm not THAT type of Plus Model. However, I do have/need professional photoshoots from time to time. It's just so much of a process, lol. I'd rather talk a selfie ( just like I did during my break)! lol. Seriously though, I had to do it. I needed another one. It  would have gone down the drain if J Lena wasn't there to help. I realized I'm more high maintenance than I thought ( hair wise). But hey, my next photoshoot is going to be easy breezy! Wanna know why??? Because it'll be with my signature look, The Mohawk :)

I'm making moves, and the only way I'm looking back is if it's my ass in the mirror!

Stay Tuned!

...Chrisy Chris..

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