Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Perfect-Pace Documercial

This past Sunday, June 14, I was given the opportunity to be part of a Documercial for

Perfect Pace Speed Dating.

Myself, along with 6 other participants gave our honest opinions about whether or not we were date-able, what we looked for in a mate, and why were single living in good ole Atlanta Jaw--gia! It was so much fun, and actually very interesting to see what others look for in a mate. And although everyone had different views, desires, and expectations, we all came to the conclusion that WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING!...  A boo who's perfect for us! :)

A quick Selfie while I waited for my turn to film.

 Tiffany aka Tweet @GlamorousStyling hooked up our hair, and Yolanda Parrish @HermosaCosmetics put a lil sexy dust on our faces! Both ladies were awesome! 

When you're on set filming, and your stomach roll decides to make an appearance when you sit down, but you still look cute anyway:)

Now, a Lil Bit of Info about Perfect Pace...

So, I did a lil research! Perfect Pace Speed Dating and Singles Mixer has been around since late 2013. Turns out, Perfect Pace was created as a way to give everyday Atlantans who are always on the go (Like myself), a fun, safe, modern, and unconventional method of meeting, vetting, and dating!
All events are currently being held in Atlanta Georgia, as that is where it all started.
The next event is TBA
 Go to for more details!

See ya!

Chrisy Chris

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