Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Uncontrollable Laughs

 That Damn Mike Bend! 

He might be shawt (short) but he is hilarious and can free style his butt off!
Me and Mike Bend

Yesterday I was invited to see the #MikeBendShow rehearsal and behind the scenes acts. Maaaaaan, It was so fun and freakin funny!!! I was literally sliding out of my seat laughing. 

And OMG,  It was a little girl there who gave a speech about how to be the first female president. Mindblowing would be an understatement!!! This little girl spoke so eloquently at the age of 4!!!!! Yes I said 4! Bless that little girls parents!... 

Let's just say I was around so much talent last night. What a great experience! I can hardly wait to see the show!

Even my girl @cee_bee__ enjoyed the rehearsal!

Me and Cee_Bee__

Below are the show details. Trust me, this is one show you do NOT want to miss!

See you there!


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