Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT: Bronner Bros Hair Show

Bronner Brothers Hair Show, Feb 22-23, 2015

On Behalf of Exotica Models 

So, early Feb 2015  I was selected to walk in the Feb 2015 Bronner Brothers Hair Show on Behalf of Exotica Models, to model and represent for the company One Styling. If memory serves me correctly, my connect with Exotica Models came from Instagram. I love me some Insta!... One of the most exciting things about the experience was being the ONLY Plump/Plus Size Chick in the crew. Although they didn't really have clothes to fit me, I still did my thang! :) Model call was like 4 or 5AM and damn near killed me, lol, but I made it through! We were there until 7 PM ish both days! A sistah was tired!... However, it was a great experience!

The shoes I wore to practice my model walk...the day of the show.

First day at the show. They really didn't have clothes to fit lil ole me, lol. so I brought a few pieces of my own that the stylist selected and put together.. Oh, that cape thing, was a piece from the Our Glass Collection made by @MissOurGlass. I loved that thing.... I don't usually wear tight curls in my hair, but hey, it was a hair show..... I expected it.

Day two of the show. Waiting to get curled on stage. I took a quick selfie after they did my make-up. I don't wear a full face of  make-up so I get excited when I do wear it. My eyelashes were on Fleek!... lol. Yep they're all mine :)

On stage getting done up by Roni /@eyecandy_4U. She was blowing my hair out with One Styling's awesome hair dryer. The cost of that dryer was over $200.00. It worked wonders tho!

Roni /@eyecandy_4U was flat ironing my hair, showing a customer how it works, and was explaining to her that my hair was natural and did not have any styling products on it. That flat iron costs about $200, just like the blow dryer..My hair stayed straight so long I  thought I had a relaxer, lol.

A quick pic after my hair was styled by Roni!

Me and Roni /@eyecandy_4U.... My hair was swangin' and hangin', lol. I thought I was cute. Was on my way to walk around and strut my stuff for One Styling and Exotica Models.
My Girl @TammyDMissFat owner of @Diva4life_ent came out and kicked it with me at the show.

With A few of the other ladies who modeled for Exotica Models and One Styling. We were walking around showing off our hair and having fun while doing it! We met and saw soooo many people.

Me and the Girls. They put the plump one in the middle :)
With Angela,  the AWESOME Founder/Owner of Exotica Models. She showed me so much love and took care of us. She is an awesome woman. I really hate I didn't get a picture with DeDe, the other half of Exotica Models. DeDe was so sweet and amazing too!

In between being on stage and walking through the crowd, @TrilogyProductions ( they work closely with Exotica Models) took a quick pic.I don't know why my hand is right there. lol. 

Playing around with @TrilogyProductions

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pink Curvez Plustique Photoshoot!

It was Steamy, the Girls were Hot, and the Curves were On and Poppin!

#After the photoshoot....
Um yeah, lol,.this dress was long. lol.  I was in the process of taking it off. I guess I jacked it up by accident. Didn't even notice until after the pic. That's Nese  (owner) standing behind me!... 
Sooo, the shoot was this past Sunday, June 12.

The shoot was at Weldon Bond Photography and Production Studio. It was a nice studio but a tad bit toasty considering the fact there was NO A/C, and it was a warehouse with one fan in our area... BUT, we made it happen! We had an awesome make-up artist who actually helped me with my hair too. Thank God for her! lol. My hair kept sweating out. I actually had a nice time. Nese was soooo sweet despite the heat! lol. One of the great things about it was keeping the clothes that we modeled. Yeeeees, I can't wait to wear them. I just hope my pictures were ok. It was literally too hot to focus. 

A quick pic with @Wondreayvette. One of the other Plus Size Models.

A Few Videos

Update: 7/22/15... A few pics from the photoshoot


To Shop at PinkCurvez Plustique

Instagram: @pinkcurvezplustique or

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Curves In The Sky Event!

I didn't think I would ever see #Curves in the SKY! But Tammy D. Miss Fat made it happen Saturday, July 11, on the Southside of ATL!

                                           Hosted by my fav Camera Man. Instagram: @CameraManAtl

If you missed this event you missed out!

 Now, I was about 3 hours late, but even when I got there that thing was PACKED and we only had 1 hour left before the event was over. #Curves, vendors, and music artists were definitely on site... You know how I do, I network and I connect, so I was in there trying to do my thing with a short amount of time left. Stay tuned for that :)

With  Camera Man ATL and DJ. Waffles of Be 100 Radio  (The ladies say: "Oo put some syrup on it",  lol)

DJ. Waffles was wearing my favorite color!!! Instagram: @dj_waffles

He loves selfies too! Forgot his name tho.

Ran into @justbeingkae with @pluspositivity. I'll be part of their Plus Positive Event next month

Remember her from the Music Group Arrested Development? She has a new video out featuring her and her #Curves
Instagram: @Eshe2xgrammy

Me and THE lady, Tammy D Miss Fat!!!....
  She did her thing ( AS USUAL).... I really look up to this lady! When I first moved to ATL she allowed me to be in her fashion show with my rusty ole skills, lol, but she believed in me. To this day she still motivates me and I believe in her! #Grateful
Follow Ms. FAT ( Fierce and Thick)
Instagram: @tammydmissfat / @diva4life_ent

 That's all folks! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

TBT: Kurves Calendar Release Party/ MissDivaKurves BDAY Weekend

Jan 25, 2015... That Moment When You Sign A Calendar But You're a Regular Person! 

Wow!.. Indescribable.

The Calendar release party was on Jan 25, 2015... But...

On Jan 24 MissDivaKurves had her Birthday Kick-Off with a Pajama Party!...

A quick selfie before heading to the Pajama Party

At the Party with the Birthday Girl @MissDivaKurves 
At the party with Calendar model @Ms_brownsugardelights_mua 

The Kurves Calendar Release Party was awesome! 

Girls from all over the U.S. who were in the calendar came out and showed out! I took a pic with a few of the other models. I also signed a few calendars. It was a weird but indescribable feeling to have someone come up to you and ask you to sign their calendar. I felt famous for a few seconds, lol. 

Quick Selfies before I left the house!!!

The Curvy Stylist @jackieadt85

             With Calendar model @chet_latchet              With Calendar model @ms_brownsugardelights_mua

           Model Kimberly Blue came out to support!         With Calendar model @tammydmissfat

I had a ball! Definitely a night to remember! 

The Promo Pics were nice. But...


Code: ChrisyChris or Chrisy P.

Goodnight, I'm sleeeeepy! lol


TBT: The 2015 Kurves Calendar Photoshoot/ Experience

On December 18, 2014 about 6+ hours were spent on a very lovely project! 

S/o to MissDivaKurves for the opportunity! 

PROMO PIC! L to R: @curvycurlychrisy, @salaamimani, @ms_brownsugardelights_mua, @missdivakurves

PROMO PIC! L to R: @curvycurlychrisy, @ms_brownsugardelights_mua, @salaamimani, @missdivakurves
PROMO PIC! L to R: @ms_brownsugardelights_mua, @curvycurlychrisy, @missdivakurves @salaamimani, 


One word: Instagram! MissDivaKurves had posted on her IG page a few times looking for models interested in being in the calendar. Just about every time she posted, a few of my followers would tag me to her page. So one time I told her if I wasn't so shy I would do it. She responded to me was like GIRL PLEASE lets do this shoot, no reason to be shy! But I was, and I didn't really consider myself a model at the time, so I passed that opportunity up. Then on December 18, 2014 she posted again looking for a model in the Atlanta area, and I was tagged AGAIN by ANOTHER follower. So It was decided around 3:00 PM that  day that I would do the shoot THAT DAY. I rushed home after work grabbed some Red lingerie, and was on my way to her and other other ladies. 

... It was my first time meeting them but it didn't seem that way. I was all scared about walking around with my booty out in front of them and showing my imperfections, while they were so Curvy and Confident. It was so funny because I had actually planned to be in a wrap  (bottom cover up) to cover up the thongs I had on, but they talked me out of it. LOL. I was SHY! 

Those girls were soooo Confident and Professional!.. And.evidently I stepped my game up too, and threw that shyness out of the window, because the pictures turned out good!. Matter of fact, a lot of the pics were used as promo pics for the calendar; I didn't even know that was going to happen,  Glad it did tho :)

 The shoot lasted until after midnight. I was so sleepy driving home doing about 100 on the highway. FYI, me and good luck don't really have a history, lol, because my a$$ got pulled over for speeding!!! The funny thing about though, I was still dolled up and still had my cute lingerie top on (also told the officer about the calendar, because he asked where I was coming from) so the officer  gave me a ticket that was eventually thrown out of court. Let's just say he looked out for a sistah!


He photobombed me. I didn't even know he was there until AFTER I took the photo. I thought he walked by. LOL.


The Promo Pics were nice. But...


Code: ChrisyChris or Chrisy P.



Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking Trips In My Mind

Giggles and LAUGHS... One of My FAVORITE Pastimes!

I joke a lot, I kid a lot, I clown a a lot, and I smile a lot; my smiles eventually produce little funny sounding LAUGHS! I just looooooove to LAUGH!!! No, seriously I love to LAUGH so hard that I can't breath.... so hard that tears form in my eyes, and my stomach starts to hurt. I like those long and disrespectful LAUGHS too. The kind that you can't control even if someone asks you to stop LAUGHING... the kind that lasts about 5 minutes 
(I'm LAUGHING at the thought now).

A good reason why....

And Because...

 I'm just an overall goofy silly girl. LAUGHING makes me forget what is going on in the world and at the moment. LAUGHTER gives me memories. It gives me LAUGHS to LAUGH about when I'm bored or when I'm puzzled, or in deep thought and feel like I need an escape. So what I do is think about something funny that happened or I actually do something funny or weird. And then I'm happy... at least for a good 5 minutes, because I'm guaranteed to LAUGH!..

 I just take vacations all of the time, no gas, no money, no hunny, no nothing required; all I need is a smile and a positive mind to make it happen. Perhaps the reason I look younger than I am is because I smile a lot and I LAUGH too much.
 And everyone knows smiles reduce wrinkles! :)

I don't know your situation but:

Live a a Little.... Take More LAUGHTER Vacations!..
 LAUGH until your stomach hurts, unless you have diarrhea! LMAO...

... ChrisyChris...