Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Curves In The Sky Event!

I didn't think I would ever see #Curves in the SKY! But Tammy D. Miss Fat made it happen Saturday, July 11, on the Southside of ATL!

                                           Hosted by my fav Camera Man. Instagram: @CameraManAtl

If you missed this event you missed out!

 Now, I was about 3 hours late, but even when I got there that thing was PACKED and we only had 1 hour left before the event was over. #Curves, vendors, and music artists were definitely on site... You know how I do, I network and I connect, so I was in there trying to do my thing with a short amount of time left. Stay tuned for that :)

With  Camera Man ATL and DJ. Waffles of Be 100 Radio  (The ladies say: "Oo put some syrup on it",  lol)

DJ. Waffles was wearing my favorite color!!! Instagram: @dj_waffles

He loves selfies too! Forgot his name tho.

Ran into @justbeingkae with @pluspositivity. I'll be part of their Plus Positive Event next month

Remember her from the Music Group Arrested Development? She has a new video out featuring her and her #Curves
Instagram: @Eshe2xgrammy

Me and THE lady, Tammy D Miss Fat!!!....
  She did her thing ( AS USUAL).... I really look up to this lady! When I first moved to ATL she allowed me to be in her fashion show with my rusty ole skills, lol, but she believed in me. To this day she still motivates me and I believe in her! #Grateful
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Instagram: @tammydmissfat / @diva4life_ent

 That's all folks! :)

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