Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pink Curvez Plustique Photoshoot!

It was Steamy, the Girls were Hot, and the Curves were On and Poppin!

#After the photoshoot....
Um yeah, lol,.this dress was long. lol.  I was in the process of taking it off. I guess I jacked it up by accident. Didn't even notice until after the pic. That's Nese  (owner) standing behind me!... 
Sooo, the shoot was this past Sunday, June 12.

The shoot was at Weldon Bond Photography and Production Studio. It was a nice studio but a tad bit toasty considering the fact there was NO A/C, and it was a warehouse with one fan in our area... BUT, we made it happen! We had an awesome make-up artist who actually helped me with my hair too. Thank God for her! lol. My hair kept sweating out. I actually had a nice time. Nese was soooo sweet despite the heat! lol. One of the great things about it was keeping the clothes that we modeled. Yeeeees, I can't wait to wear them. I just hope my pictures were ok. It was literally too hot to focus. 

A quick pic with @Wondreayvette. One of the other Plus Size Models.

A Few Videos

Update: 7/22/15... A few pics from the photoshoot


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  1. I'm ready for them I want everything they have I will put in hard ass work