Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking Trips In My Mind

Giggles and LAUGHS... One of My FAVORITE Pastimes!

I joke a lot, I kid a lot, I clown a a lot, and I smile a lot; my smiles eventually produce little funny sounding LAUGHS! I just looooooove to LAUGH!!! No, seriously I love to LAUGH so hard that I can't breath.... so hard that tears form in my eyes, and my stomach starts to hurt. I like those long and disrespectful LAUGHS too. The kind that you can't control even if someone asks you to stop LAUGHING... the kind that lasts about 5 minutes 
(I'm LAUGHING at the thought now).

A good reason why....

And Because...

 I'm just an overall goofy silly girl. LAUGHING makes me forget what is going on in the world and at the moment. LAUGHTER gives me memories. It gives me LAUGHS to LAUGH about when I'm bored or when I'm puzzled, or in deep thought and feel like I need an escape. So what I do is think about something funny that happened or I actually do something funny or weird. And then I'm happy... at least for a good 5 minutes, because I'm guaranteed to LAUGH!..

 I just take vacations all of the time, no gas, no money, no hunny, no nothing required; all I need is a smile and a positive mind to make it happen. Perhaps the reason I look younger than I am is because I smile a lot and I LAUGH too much.
 And everyone knows smiles reduce wrinkles! :)

I don't know your situation but:

Live a a Little.... Take More LAUGHTER Vacations!..
 LAUGH until your stomach hurts, unless you have diarrhea! LMAO...

... ChrisyChris...


  1. A great reason to laugh! Thank you for sharing.. let me take some instant vacations.