Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT: Bronner Bros Hair Show

Bronner Brothers Hair Show, Feb 22-23, 2015

On Behalf of Exotica Models 

So, early Feb 2015  I was selected to walk in the Feb 2015 Bronner Brothers Hair Show on Behalf of Exotica Models, to model and represent for the company One Styling. If memory serves me correctly, my connect with Exotica Models came from Instagram. I love me some Insta!... One of the most exciting things about the experience was being the ONLY Plump/Plus Size Chick in the crew. Although they didn't really have clothes to fit me, I still did my thang! :) Model call was like 4 or 5AM and damn near killed me, lol, but I made it through! We were there until 7 PM ish both days! A sistah was tired!... However, it was a great experience!

The shoes I wore to practice my model walk...the day of the show.

First day at the show. They really didn't have clothes to fit lil ole me, lol. so I brought a few pieces of my own that the stylist selected and put together.. Oh, that cape thing, was a piece from the Our Glass Collection made by @MissOurGlass. I loved that thing.... I don't usually wear tight curls in my hair, but hey, it was a hair show..... I expected it.

Day two of the show. Waiting to get curled on stage. I took a quick selfie after they did my make-up. I don't wear a full face of  make-up so I get excited when I do wear it. My eyelashes were on Fleek!... lol. Yep they're all mine :)

On stage getting done up by Roni /@eyecandy_4U. She was blowing my hair out with One Styling's awesome hair dryer. The cost of that dryer was over $200.00. It worked wonders tho!

Roni /@eyecandy_4U was flat ironing my hair, showing a customer how it works, and was explaining to her that my hair was natural and did not have any styling products on it. That flat iron costs about $200, just like the blow dryer..My hair stayed straight so long I  thought I had a relaxer, lol.

A quick pic after my hair was styled by Roni!

Me and Roni /@eyecandy_4U.... My hair was swangin' and hangin', lol. I thought I was cute. Was on my way to walk around and strut my stuff for One Styling and Exotica Models.
My Girl @TammyDMissFat owner of @Diva4life_ent came out and kicked it with me at the show.

With A few of the other ladies who modeled for Exotica Models and One Styling. We were walking around showing off our hair and having fun while doing it! We met and saw soooo many people.

Me and the Girls. They put the plump one in the middle :)
With Angela,  the AWESOME Founder/Owner of Exotica Models. She showed me so much love and took care of us. She is an awesome woman. I really hate I didn't get a picture with DeDe, the other half of Exotica Models. DeDe was so sweet and amazing too!

In between being on stage and walking through the crowd, @TrilogyProductions ( they work closely with Exotica Models) took a quick pic.I don't know why my hand is right there. lol. 

Playing around with @TrilogyProductions

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