Thursday, July 9, 2015

TBT: Kurves Calendar Release Party/ MissDivaKurves BDAY Weekend

Jan 25, 2015... That Moment When You Sign A Calendar But You're a Regular Person! 

Wow!.. Indescribable.

The Calendar release party was on Jan 25, 2015... But...

On Jan 24 MissDivaKurves had her Birthday Kick-Off with a Pajama Party!...

A quick selfie before heading to the Pajama Party

At the Party with the Birthday Girl @MissDivaKurves 
At the party with Calendar model @Ms_brownsugardelights_mua 

The Kurves Calendar Release Party was awesome! 

Girls from all over the U.S. who were in the calendar came out and showed out! I took a pic with a few of the other models. I also signed a few calendars. It was a weird but indescribable feeling to have someone come up to you and ask you to sign their calendar. I felt famous for a few seconds, lol. 

Quick Selfies before I left the house!!!

The Curvy Stylist @jackieadt85

             With Calendar model @chet_latchet              With Calendar model @ms_brownsugardelights_mua

           Model Kimberly Blue came out to support!         With Calendar model @tammydmissfat

I had a ball! Definitely a night to remember! 

The Promo Pics were nice. But...


Code: ChrisyChris or Chrisy P.

Goodnight, I'm sleeeeepy! lol


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