Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hosting at #BurnLounge on 8/26/15

Sooo, last night Me and @FortaeTheBeast hosted at BurnLounge!

Shoutout to TMP ( The Masterpiece) and DJ Master Rachels for putting this joint together!

Chilling before I got on the Mic

Pic kinda blurry but I like it. :) With my CoHost @FortaeTheBeast. Holding his cigar.... I wanted to look cool for a sec. lol. I didn't smoke it tho! lol 
When you trying to host but  Shefly, and @FortaeTheBeast got you in a sammich for a pic! lol 

They said strike a pose! And yall know I'm silly :) His face tho. lol.

Yaaaaaas, my fellow plus size models @TisaEdge and @TammyDMissFat came out to support. I luv these gals!

2 Hours of Sleep, a Broken Nail, a Broken Shoe, and a Blister on my foot under my big toe! Uggggh. I woke up like this! Too Much Fun!



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Date Night Wednesdays at Burn Lounge

TONIGHT!!! @burnloungeatl 

Hosted by ME & the MULTI talented @fortaethebeast

I MUST say, this place is the SEXIEST ( NO lie) chill spot I've seen on the Southside of Atlanta..... Beds, fire, white sheets, chill environment, and pure dopeness! Im sooo excited. 

Oh, and they have an AWESOME special if you bring a friend or a date!

                                                       @DJMaster_Rachels will be spinning the 1's and 2's!  

                                    Check Fortae the Beast out and like his page

If you're into Facebook groups check out TMP ( The Masterpiece) an Atlanta Based group that is all about Grown and Sexy fun at

and DEFINITELY don't forget to like my page :) Chrisy Chris

Thank Cha! See you there!!!

... Chrisy Chris...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Plus Positive Fashion Show

Yep, I ripped the Runway for Plus Positive Aug 15! 

While waiting in the back with all of the gorgeous models and also admiring my makeup ( I rarely wear a full face of make-up) I decided to record a lil video :)

I luuuuhv this lady! :) Ladies and Gents I bring to you Mrs. Nicky Lynch! The Founder and President of  Plus Positive. You can check her out here . She's done so much it was just too much to explain! Go check her out. 

Yaaaaas, after the fashion show I got a pic with my girl @tammydmissfat the Director of Marketing for plus positive! Tam is making major moves. I'm so proud of her!

Me and the lovely Kourtney K.! :) The Fashion Coordinator Assistant for Plus Positive! She really makes me laugh! 

When I say this girl  ( plus model @xxiamcourtneynicolexx) AND her momma had dope hair, you better believe me!  She was awesome!

My shoes were a little too big but I made it work! lol

My booty kept disrespecting this skirt. I had to keep pulling  it down. The best part of the show was my hair flip. lol... But y'all missed it because y'all were acting funny and didn't come out that night!

This event was so amazing. The Hor'Douerves were sooo yummy! And the food provided for the models was just as amazing. I've never had vegan food before. It was yum yummy! The funny CameraManAtl was a great host, as usual. And the ambiance was real sexy! Definitely a great spot to host a film and fashion gala.

Be sure to check out PlusPositive and stay up-to-date on their upcoming events! I'm going to try to make as many as a I can. I love #PlusPositivity. 

... Chrisy Chris...

Curves In The Sky Part 2

Friday August 14, 2015
I had way too much fun! Like Waaay too much fun! lol

Me and my girl @tammydmissfat  ( The creator of Curves in the Sky) both hosted the second #CurvesIntheSky event this past Friday. But this time we had special guests!

Yes, yes, yes!!! @Briki_fa_president and Ninene aka @hava_seat came out and performed their dope ass song "Fat Girls"..... 
Here's all of us. L to R: @tammydmissfat, @curvycurlychrisy, @briki_fa_president, @hava_seat

Me and the ladies! These ladies are soooo dope in real life. We had so much fun. You would have thought we've already met before.

They say me and Ninene (@ hava_seat) look alike. It might be the red hair and the fluffiness... or maybe its just our dopeness!

Group pic! I don't know the guy tho. 

Ok, so don't judge me! I was inebriated!!! And I was a little bit too into it but I definitely had fun being a slick backup dancer that night. They say you only live once! I may  never get a chance to be a backup dancer again. So at least I can say I've done it once in my life. Lol. 

If you missed this event, well sorry for you! I promoted it here, on  Instagram , and Facebook !

Stay tuned for part 3!

... Chrisy Chris...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coming Up!...The F.A.T. and Curvy Collabo

Me ( Chrisy Chris/Chrisy P.) and @tammydmissfat /@diva4life_ent will be hosting the ROOFTOP #CurvesInTheSky event THIS Friday night, August 14!

When I say I'm excited u don't eeeeven understand!

 @Briki_fa_president and @Hava_seat  will be performing their #iTunes Single ▶#FatGirls
 Coming all the way from #NewOrleans 

This event will be filmed so come FLYYYYYYY! 

Blue Sky Martini Bar 
Comfort Suites Hotel
5087 Clark Howell Hwy
#Atlanta Ga 30349

Me and Tam look forward to seeing you there!
 I'm sooooooo damn excited! 

Me and Tam at the last #CurvesInTheSky Event! 

Here's the video to "Fat Girls" .... That thang is the TRUTH!

F.A.T. Chicks Be Winning!... Ha!... Yeen Know!

Come see for yourself!... 

... Chrisy Chris...
@curvycurlychrisyComing Up

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yoginis Have More Fun

Saturday, August 1, 2015, I started doing Yoga!

#Namaste Look at my #TurkeyLegsHamsThigh tho. Looking like southern meat! lol  

I've noticed a few things about myself. I have to actively be engaged in something to feel like I'm doing something with my life. And for the past couple of years now I vowed that I would learn a new skill every year. Last year was letting go of fear and learning faith which led to me leaving Memphis and moving to Atlanta. This year it's Yoga!

 I thought about it for months and months and never acted on those thoughts, as I thought I was just entirely too heavy to be folded up like a pretzel! lol. Untillllll I searched #PlusSizeYoga on Instagram just out of curiosity. I was amazed to actually see some big bone sistahs folding, bending, and actually doing yoga poses. I thought to myself, If they can do it, I can surely try! 

Leaving Walmart after Purchasing my Start-Up supplies

And thats what I did as soon as a left Walmart. I went and picked up an alignment mat, and some yoga socks. Lets talk about the socks, lol. Ok, so I HATE being barefoot; something about it feels monkey-ish or slave-ish to me :( So when I saw the yoga socks that also helped with balance I fell in love. But I forgot one thing: my toes are short! Ugggh. Plus it feels weird to have each toe separated in a sock. 

My main purpose for trying yoga was for the flexibility. I could feel age creeping up on me, and could hear my body's cry for some type of activity. But after I studied the different types of Yoga I became attracted to  it more after I saw men, children, pregnant women, and elderly people doing yoga. I began to look at is a lifelong thing that I could do with my family, my future hubby, as well as my future child/children. I really  looked at it as one of those activities that I could do with ANYBODY... I'm so excited, I can hardly wait to meet a man who is interested in doing yoga with me. OMG that is going to be so sexy and fuuuuuuun ( wink, wink) I also like the fact that Yoga is not one of those fast paced workouts. It's more mental and relaxing. I like that. Who knows, one day I'll get back to teaching Aerobics again ( Line dance aerobics to be exact) but right now I'm on my yoga kick. I'll be so glad when my body flexes and I'm able to do the poses. This beginner stage sucks, considering the fact that not a flexible sistah by default :(
But give me a minute, or a few months, its going dooooown!)

 At this time I'm not really interested in standing on my head or anything, I'm more intersted in what I call "Safe Poses". I'm not trying to break my damn neck. I'm too goofy and accident prone right now. lol. I need to be level to the ground. lol. But hey, years from now, who knows....Damn, I'll probably be too old for all of that by then.... So we'll just have to see where this thing takes me. I'm soooooo excited.

Day 1 Bout killed me! lol

For now, i'm interested in:

Anusara: ... Often described as Iyengar (a purist form of yoga) with a sense of humor.... meant to be heartfelt and accepting. Instead of trying to fit everyone into standard cookie-cutter positions, students are guided to express themselves through the poses to their fullest ability.
Kripalu: ... teaches you to get to know, accept, and learn from your body. It starts with figuring out how your body works in different poses, then moves toward postures...
Viniyoga: ... individualized practice in which yogis learn to adapt poses and goals to their own needs and abilities.... means differentiation, adaptation, and appropriate application. Instead of focusing on stretching to get strong and flexible, viniyoga uses the principles of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). PNF simply means warming up and contracting a muscle before stretching it. This decreases your chance of injury
*Info copied from*

I think this may be my longest blog post ever. Can"t you tell I'm excited :)

I even recorded a video while driving. Don't do that, its dangerous!

Stay tuned!
... Chrisy Chris...