Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Curves In The Sky Part 2

Friday August 14, 2015
I had way too much fun! Like Waaay too much fun! lol

Me and my girl @tammydmissfat  ( The creator of Curves in the Sky) both hosted the second #CurvesIntheSky event this past Friday. But this time we had special guests!

Yes, yes, yes!!! @Briki_fa_president and Ninene aka @hava_seat came out and performed their dope ass song "Fat Girls"..... 
Here's all of us. L to R: @tammydmissfat, @curvycurlychrisy, @briki_fa_president, @hava_seat

Me and the ladies! These ladies are soooo dope in real life. We had so much fun. You would have thought we've already met before.

They say me and Ninene (@ hava_seat) look alike. It might be the red hair and the fluffiness... or maybe its just our dopeness!

Group pic! I don't know the guy tho. 

Ok, so don't judge me! I was inebriated!!! And I was a little bit too into it but I definitely had fun being a slick backup dancer that night. They say you only live once! I may  never get a chance to be a backup dancer again. So at least I can say I've done it once in my life. Lol. 

If you missed this event, well sorry for you! I promoted it here, on  Instagram , and Facebook !

Stay tuned for part 3!

... Chrisy Chris...

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