Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hosting at #BurnLounge on 8/26/15

Sooo, last night Me and @FortaeTheBeast hosted at BurnLounge!

Shoutout to TMP ( The Masterpiece) and DJ Master Rachels for putting this joint together!

Chilling before I got on the Mic

Pic kinda blurry but I like it. :) With my CoHost @FortaeTheBeast. Holding his cigar.... I wanted to look cool for a sec. lol. I didn't smoke it tho! lol 
When you trying to host but  Shefly, and @FortaeTheBeast got you in a sammich for a pic! lol 

They said strike a pose! And yall know I'm silly :) His face tho. lol.

Yaaaaaas, my fellow plus size models @TisaEdge and @TammyDMissFat came out to support. I luv these gals!

2 Hours of Sleep, a Broken Nail, a Broken Shoe, and a Blister on my foot under my big toe! Uggggh. I woke up like this! Too Much Fun!



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