Friday, September 18, 2015

Been Busy... Things have changed.... But I made it to #BurnLounge

And I Got on the Mic a Time or Two! 
Once a month and until further notice I'll be showing up and showing out at #BurnLounge  on a Wednesday night for Masterpiece Wednesdays!

Ready to go out and show out!....

Plus, I heard other plus size models and entertainers were going to be in the building for a birthday.. I had to get my cute and SESSY on! ( not sexy, but SESSY (my own word...same thing) lol) 

Almost broke my damn foot outside ( I SPINT ( my own word, lol) around like Michael Jackson and everything. it was so embarrassing but I didn't fall).... I made it! Sat my big ass dowwwn most of the night too. My foot was killing me. lol.

And yes, they have beds! Told y'all it was Grown and SESSY. lol 

I be on some chill shih.... #BurnLounge Wednesdays...
A quick pic with a few of the models/birthday girl! They were deeeep!
Duck lips and all! 

I know y'all remember my cohost from the last time @fortaethebeast with his multi-talented ass. And yeah, he's like 6'5. So um, I was tall as hell!

I didn't host all night. But I got on the mic a few times and did my due diligence and acknowledged all of the plus size models, and entertainers who were in the hooooouse, including myself! lol. And I definitely had to pay homage when  DJ Master Rachels bumped that Memphis music!!! 

#901 Forever 

See y'all next month! #BurnLounge baby!


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