Thursday, September 3, 2015

#TBT C-Day 2014 ( My Bday)

September 4, 2014 I celebrated my Birthday 
at the UBAR on CampCreek in Atlanta

Birthday Fit!
I had only been in Atlanta for about 3 months and I was homesick! I wanted to go home (Memphis) soooo bad, but all of the flights were booked that weekend ( Labor Day Weekend), so I was basically stuck! I decided to just celebrate in Atl and go home the next weekend because it was Southern heritage Classic.

After asking around, and wanting to party close to home, I decided to celebrate at the UBAR on the Southside of ATL.. I invited a couple of people that I had met here, as well as my cousin and my homeboys. I had sooo much fun. 

Family and Friends! Hookah and that Blue MF'er drink had me wildin' out.
As I headed to the bar to pick up my hookah, Yung Joc ( Rapper) stopped me and was like "Wait a minute, hold up, damn girl", lol. He was super cool, and VERY down to earth. We took sooooo many pics. lol. Come to find out, the UBAR is one of his hangout spots - he just happened to be there the same night I was celebrating my C-Day!

Yes, I was drinking the Blue MF'er straight out of the pitcher!.... Haven't drank that since!

 I had so much fun last year.

Celebrating in ATL wasn't so bad. And guess what! This year I'll be celebrating in ATL again, at SpeakEasy Lounge! You're invited. See you there!


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