Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yaaas. CDay, my BDay weekend. #Sept4

Sooooo, Sept 4 was my Birthdaaaay! :) 

Just thought I'd enlighten you first. So you can understand how I do what I do. lol. 

Believe it or not...

 I actually worked on my bday. Yep, got up bright and early but you better believe I took my sweet ass time, therefore, I was a few minutes late. lol. I think I replayed Uncle Luke's " It's Your Birthday" and Michael Jackson's " Lisa It's Your Birthday" song like 12 times headed to work. lol.

Got off work, call by homegirl TrueBeauty and told her It was turn up time! Yaaaaaas. Ending up getting dressed ( was feeling sexy and 25 again, lol) and took a semi-booty pic because I was feeling myself. lol.

CDay/BDay Outfit: Crop Top and High Waist Pencil Skirt

At Pappadeaux Marietta Location the night of my bday drinking a Large Swamp Thing

I ate like a queen at Pappadeaux. I ate so much that it ruined my night. Lmbo. I called it a night at 12:30 and got my old ass in the bed. lol. I had to work the next morning at 7 ( yep on a Sat) but guess what, I was sick, so ummmm I called in. Ended up going to the Chris Brown One Hell of A Night Concert later that night with a friend of mine.

At the Chris Brown Concert. I didn't know it was going to be outside. I think I got too cute for that kind of concert. It got a little hot and sweaty. I had on another  Crop Top and High Waist Pencil Skirt that I was supposed to wear to my event Sat Night.

But Um, yeah, the Chris Brown concert was amazing. It lasted over 4 hours. Chris Breezy.definitely put on a show! And as a result, I didn't make it to my own birthday celebration at Speak Easy Lounge. Time just wasn't on my side.My hair wasn't either ( team natural outside for 4 hours - not a good thing). Buuut, I did a public apology tho. I hope that made things a little better. I don't usually miss events and don't plan on doing that again. 

Now, Sunday, I had a photoshoot with PinkCurvezPlustique. Nese Is great! She even brought me a bday dog and birthday cupcakes :)  Yummy!


Yummy, my bday cupcake!
Look 1. Check Out the Video

Look 2. Video is on their IG.

Look 3. Pics are on their IG.

But Ummmm, Sunday night I tried to finish partying at Wet Willies. Got dressed in something comfy because I hurt my toe (cracked my acrylic toenail ) and could not wear heels ( The photoshoot bout killed me). Ouch! I was still cute tho!

Was headed to Wet Willies in my lil jumper... Dropped a dope filter on the pic too :)
Got to Wet Willies, they were closed, ended up partying at the UBAR because it was Sunday and we couldn't find anywhere else to go. Stayed out to 3:30 AM. I made up for Friday and Sat early bird nights. lol.

And Yaaaaas, Monday went to Cirque Atlanta for all you can eat crablegs. S/O to @TammyDMissFat for that BDay gift :) I ain't missing no meals honey! That drink was the bomb too tho. Compliments of the manager ( long story, potential crappy service)

And theeeeen, yesterday I went to Pappadeux again! A good friend took me there for my bday. I enjoyed 2 Large rounds of my fav drink there- Swamp Thing. Also got the Jumbo Shrimp Brochette. Yummm. 

Swamp Thing :)

I'd have to say, CDay was pretty good!

 Thank you  for the birthday wishes. And a biiiiiig THANK YOU to everyone who made it special :)

...Chrisy Chris...

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