Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Sex Down South Conference

 A 3-Day Sex and Sexuality Conference!

A party ain't a party unless its curves all through! And of course, yours truly, the CurvyCurly Blogger was in the building, and posting live on social media! 

     Believe it or not, this was my first social event as a blogger that I actually went to alone! I usually have my media partner (Tam) with me, but this time I was on my own! I'd like to think I did a good job though!

 @lordacolyte was there as a volunteer but recognized me from INSTAGRAM. He was my slick media partner all weekend. 

The first vendor I walked up on was Chris Turner with Pussy. lol. It's actually called Pussy Natural Energy, and is a tasty energy drink. I had a few of them. They were actually pretty good and gave me energy. Felt weird drinking a cooch inspired drink though. Ewwww. lol.
Ingredients include: 
Sparkling Water, Lime Juice, Organic White Grape Juice, Botanical Blend including Milk Thistle, and Natural Caffeine from Guarana. 
Order it from

 From P*SSY to Sperm! lol. The Feminist Women's Health Center was giving out sperm stress balls along with tote bags, condoms and lube, and a bunch of other stuff. Go to for more info. 

The best part of Blogging is the experience! @thepleasuresyours_ put the #munkeyBarz on me!

I tried hard to be a good sport. lol. It was fun and it was funny... But I felt Gay. lol. Nothing against gay people but I've never had a girl hump me before. She was cool though. She wasn't disrespectful at all. And what could she do to me, ummm NOTHING, but pull that belt and hump. lol

Yes, this is the store that sells the Munkey Barz. I even got a gift that was a  body massager and vibrator all in one. It's a vibrator that plugs into the massager, which is where the vibration comes from. I tried it. It's amazing! Yaaaaas. lol. Make sure you check their store out! They'll even host parties.

550 Franklin Rd, Marietta Georgia

@shegadget has sexy protection for the sexy ladies! She offers stun guns, pepper sprays, defense key chains, and alarms. She blessed me with a kitten shaped key chain that can poke somebody's eyes out, and a dope t-shirt like the one i'm standing next to!  I can hardly wait to wear it. Hopefully I won't have to use my kittens ears, but dammit I will! 

With the Tantra Expert, Devi Ward. Also with the Midwife of words, Dr. Elizabeth Sheff. 

 With ATL's own Sexual Activist, Daddi Cole. Also with @dandridge1979 the #SexTherapist in the film #Xen. You can find it on You Tube.  

 With the Erotic Poet 



I attended an Erotica Class called #SASS for those into SexSwitch ...... but the #Mistress the #Dominatrix wouldn't allow face pics!.. Beside me are two of her demo people.

That's the Mistress in the black skirt. Basically the class was about switching roles as a dominant and a submissive. There were live demonstrations on how to be what they a #Switch. It was pretty cool.


Speaking of demonstrations, lol... I tried the #ElectroErotic #NeonWand. It was a little wand that sent vibrations and shock to his body, and when he touched me, the same went through mine. It was crazy! And quite interesting.


Again, another little shock thingy. I tried the taser tag too. His store was dope! 

I'd never seen real deal S&M toys before.


Um, this black box has been used to create masterpieces by an amazing photographer. After I took the pic I found out  I was supposed to be naked. Ummmm, NO! I couldn't do it. I saw a few naked people get in after me. Glad I went first. lol.

Friday night after watching Eroticalogy I was tired, Had to have me a lil cooch juice to drive home. lol. 

More cooch juice! lol. Believe it or not, it was really good! Tasted like a liquefied smoothie.


Both are self care items for the Va Jay Jay.

Bedroom Kandi.

Sex and Sexuality Books.

I think size matters. Especially the width. lol. 

And last but not least, The collection that I went home with!!! Fuuuuuuun!

My gosh, I have a nice little stash!

It was truly a pleasure to be a part of this event! I would love to attend next year! 

Go to for more info!

I hope you have enjoyed it!

...Chrisy Chris...

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