Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015 Mike Will Made It Fed ATL!

He fed us real good!

We had chipotle chicken tacos, chips and salsa, and a dessert. You had to go inside to get a ticket, and then take it to the food trucks parked outside to get your food. The line wasn't long so I got my food real quick. Again, It was Freeeeeee. And Free is for me!

Beside the food truck. Had just gotten my food.
Me and my girl @tammydmissfat aka my media partner were enjoying the breeze and checking out the scene! That's what we do!
Girl Talk with singer @tionadee
 I've seen Tiona Dee sing live before. She's amazing! She was also there getting footage and photos.

The man of the hour!... @MikeWillMadeIt and his crew. They were pretty deep!
He wasn't looking, but babygirl was!

Headed out!... I was working with VERY limited time, therefore, I wasn't able to mix and mingle with Mike Will Made It and his new artists. (Sigh)... Maybe Next year!

Thanks for the food Mike Will Made It!

...Chrisy Chris...

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