Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jacquees's Rolling Out Cover Release Event

Happened October 14, 2015
at Cirque Daiquiri Bar and Grill
It was a private cover release event to highlight Cash Money's artist, Jacquees, and his feature on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine. Guests were given gratis cocktails sponsored by Avion Tequila, and a gift bag filled with  miscellaneous items including a t-shirt, and a copy of the magazine cover.  
The place was filled with Jacquees's family, his celebrity friends, music executives, music artists, media, and Atlanta socialites.

Yours truly on the red carpet.  Looking all Audacious and shi*!


The man of the night!... @Jacquees with Cash Money Records!


 ...After Jacquees got off the red carpet, a quick pic for the Jacquees lovers!...
 He looks like a mini Lil Wayne! He was so adorable. Probably shouldn't use that word, but that's how I felt when I saw him. lol. He smiled a lot throughout the night. You could tell he was so happy and proud of himself. He got on the mic a time or two and gave thanks and said how appreciative and happy he was, as this was his first time on a magazine cover. I must say, just looking at him I wouldn't expect him to sing the way he does!  He has that whole rockstar/rapper look and swagger.  But that man makes baby making music! lol. And he can dance too!

The crew!... 4 Play Magazine, and a few other dope artists and socialites! 


The cover of Rolling Out Magazine. Jacquees and I both were admiring it. It was dope! I'm not sure which month its for though.

At the end of the night they switched it up on us! The cover was changed to the one shown in the picture above. Either way, Jacquees appeared happy. Both covers are dope to me! Whatever is Clever! 

Shoutout to Avion Tequila for my expresso shot! It tasted like coffee and tequila.

Congrats Jacquees!


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