Thursday, October 1, 2015

When You're The Host But You Speed Dated!

I Speed Dated! September 26, 2015
At the Perfect Pace for @PerfectPaceSpeedDating

Simply put, I was told to get in where I fit in. And so, I speed dated. I'm a single woman and have been for quite some time now, so I decided to go for it. It was a rainy day, so we didn't have a big turn out, but we did have fun with what we had... and I went on 5 dates in one day! 

Before speed dating we actually played a game where we had to write questions to the opposite sex on index cards that could end with the phrase "Or Nah.'' I must admit, I loved that game! Basically we were asked to stand on a certain side of the room as our response/answer to the question... It was funny to see how your potential date responded. It was fun but very funny because a lot of the questions were nasty questions. And I'm not going to lie, my question was " Do You Eat Booty, Or Nah". lol. Yep, I needed to know. lol. 

Um Yeah, about my dates....

I got about 5 minutes with each guy, and afterwards I was asked to grade them on certain things. They graded me as well. The grade sheet was the deciding factor to see if my dates and I were a match. Honestly, I don't think I matched with anyone. So I'm still single and ready to mingle! 

Me and the man who made this event happen! 

I'm always ready to work and network. That's what I do!

See ya soon!

...Chrisy Chris...

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