Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving with URSHA ( Usher Raymond)

It Was A Very Private Setting That Didn't Get Publicized

Usher and his family actually put on the gloves and got to work!

I was in mid sentence when the picture was snapped. We actually took like 5 pics before we got it right. lol....Looks like Usher and I are almost the same height! I thought he was a little taller. 

...He was real chill, didn't really say too much. He just ate and served. 

Usher was on the beverage table most of the day. They had some amazing apple juice in a cute bottle that I loooooved!

Usher ( Left), His wife Grace ( Middle), and his mother Ms. Jonetta ( Right).

 Ms. Jonetta told the crowd that for 15 years she has had Thanksgiving dinner at her home. This year was the first year she decided to have it elsewhere, and she brought about 8 other people (in addition to Usher and his wife) to help.

 The recipients of this meal were soooo happy! Since It wasn't publicized, I won't say exactly who the recipients were. 

But lucky me! I got a chance to be a part of the new tradition, and I left with a full tummy!!! lol. I actually had to throw some food away. I had too much on my plate. But I stuffed myself as much as I could :)

The food was amazing. The desserts were even better!... My favorite was the mac and cheese!

 When it was all over and done, Usher was parked across from me! lol.

 And this big van was pulling out looking like it was about to back into his truck. He was looking like "Yeah, let me move my whip" and laughing at the people around him ( they were making all kind of jokes about the van hitting his truck). I was laughing too. lol. 

My photographer ( not a real one) didn't do too good with the pics. And my phone was acting funny!

I was just grateful to be there tho. 

Hope you had a good turkey day! 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Party

Hosted by LHHATL Stevie J. and Joseline
At the Museum Bar ATL
on 11/21/2015

And yours truly was there for the party! 

Turns out, Scrilla Guerillaz is an entertainment company, as well as a magazine. 

As seen on #LHHATL@lord_daze_sg the Owner of @scrilla_guerillaz

He as super duper cool. He said "Damn girl, I might need you in the magazine", lol. That made me smile. I'm loving how much people are starting to accept us Plus Size girls :) It's my ultimate goal!

Remember the song Party Like A Rockstar?

Well @shopboyzmusic @shopboymeany @shopboyfat @shopboy_sheed performed and had us partying just like a Rockstar!

Love and Hip Hop @_msjoseline and Steebie :) @hitmansteviej_1 chilling in their private section taking pics for their fans and the media. 

Quick pics with Steebie and the Puerto Rican Princess :)

LHHATL @_iamashleynicole performed one of her songs about wanting a girlfriend. 

@shopboyzmusic @shopboymeany @shopboyfat @shopboy_sheed performing 

Party like a Rockstar.

They had a nice crowd there. Although I had VIP access, I wasn't really in VIP because everyone was out by the stage watching the performers, and I'm okay with that. They put on a great show! 

Make sure you check out the actual Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine!


...Chrisy Chris...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Welcome to Sweetie Pies NoHo Season Premiere Party

At Taboo 2 Bistro
on 11/20/15

The new season of the show Welcome to Sweetie Pies, North Hollywood ( No Ho) location ( In California) premieres today, on OWN Tv! 

And yesterday we had a good ole time at Taboo 2 celebrating... As you can see, I wasn't dressed in my all black that I usually wear to events. It was a last minute thing, so I had to go as is, but I made it happen! And dammit I'm happy I went! It was such a pleasure.

Miss Robbie didn't show up, but Tim, Lil' Charles and other Welcome to Sweeties Pies No Ho cast members came out! 

Left to Right: Bruce ( Floor Manager), Chloe (Cashier), Tim ( Miss Robbie's Son and Co Owner, Danielle ( Tim's Personal Assistant), and Lil Charles ( Miss Robbie's Nephew)

(Left) Me and Miss Robbie's son, Tim @The_TimNorman. He was looking mighty spiffy!I loved his mohawk; It made me miss mine. (Right) @chloedani_ just loved my butt. lol. We took this pic like three times. Lil Charles was laughing

I think they love me :) They were soooo friendly! @chloedani_ ( left) was trying to take a pic pointing at my butt, but Lil Charles @charlescrenchaw said "Ok, now take the pic the right way", lol. That was too funny to me!


       I'm not sure about his role, but I told him I was from Memphis, and he said, "I knew we should have opened that restaurant in Memphis! ", lol. In case you didn't know, they were supposed to open a restaurant in Memphis like a year or two ago right before I moved to Atlanta. Apparently, they were having issues with the building, so they decided not to open one there. Aw man, that sucks! It would have been nice to go home to visit Memphis, and eat at their restaurant from time to time! 

 Meanwhile, @watchdanielle and I were there bonding like cousins! She started pouting when I told her I was getting ready to leave, and because I didn't hug her goodbye. Awwww, how sweet! It's cool though, because she's supposed to hit me up when she comes to ATL in a few weeks.



Look at my chocolate muffin, my media partner @tammydmissfat. I was laughing because once we saw the nice VIP spread, Tam said " That's that OWN TV money " lol,  We had access to a nice dinner and dessert, and 2 FREE TOP SHELF drinks!!! You know I Indulged! lol 

That moment when y'all  let social media know Team #CurvezInTheStreetz in the building! 

I had a plate full! We had scrimps (shrimp) and everything! I snapped this pic while waiting on my margaritas. Within minutes those 2 red tickets were replaced with libations!   

Other guests! Deb said she doesn't EVER get on the red carpet. I wonder why. Hmmm. 


Whelp, although I was dressed like I was ready to go shopping for hours, I still had fun! Big shoutout to CJ Carter Inc and 4 play Magazine!!!

... Sidenote, since I didn't get a chance to look cute for this event, I went home, got dressed, and headed to my media partner @tammydmissfat Friday Night Live event at Blu Sky Martini Bar. I don't know why I felt like I had to have a makeover. lol. Check me out! 

Remember this unitard, I modeled for @pinkcurvez ???  I was looking down like girls do when they feel cute. lol. 

Make sure you  be a sweetie pie, and tune in TONIGHT, at 9 PM, to watch the new season premiere of  Welcome to Sweetie Pies! 

Thanks Sweetie! 

...Chrisy Chris...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Karaoke For A Cause!

An Event to Feed the Chirren ( Children) of Gwinnet's Children Shelter!
On 11/19/2015


Guests donated canned goods and turkey's, while listening to karaoke.

And you know #CurvezOnTheStreetz was there!

Your's Truly, @curvycurlychrisy and my media partner, @tammydmissfat always got #CurvezInTheStreetz when needed! :)

A few of the celebrity guests who supported the cause. 

 Left to Right: 
CBS's Dr. Ron @thedrron, The owner of Mojos, VH1, Bravo, and  LHHATL @KoreStacks, LHHATL @Iamkhadiyah, Making The Band 2 @ @sara_stokes, International Reggae artist @kenneblessinmusic, and Day 26, @rob_a_curry

(Left) The host @korestacks  Remember him from the Pink Poles event?
(Right)  @skrooge205 with @4playmag aka my friend for the night :) he sponsored my french fries. lol . And y'all know I love French Fries and Frozen Rita's!  


LHHATL Khadiyah @Iamkhadiyah


Making the Band came in pretty deep!
(Left) @sara_stokes, (Right) @rob_a_curry, also from the group Day 26

Grammy nominated music artist DvanteBlack @dvanteblack

We helped! and It was a nice little turn out! 
Now it's your turn!

This is the season to give to those who are less fortunate so that they are able to enjoy the holidays just as much as others. Let's continue to do as much as we can!

With Love!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

20 Facts About Me!

Since This Is A Personal Blog, I Decided To Get Personal!

1. I'm a slick germ-a-phobe! I ALWAYS eat with a plastic fork/spoon when I go out to eat. However, I can tolerate a regular knife ( people don't eat off knives)... If they don't have plastic cutlery I get a real attitude, and try to deal with it (I don't let the silverware touch my mouth, only my teeth, lol), or go to my car and get some plastic ware out! Yes, I keep a stash!
2. I've never been skinny. I've always been plus size. I get my shape from my mom. However my younger sisters are shaped totally different & are small! 
3.  My favorite color is Magenta/Fuchsia. My eyeglasses are magenta, even my hair dye is Magenta... I even had a mustang that was custom painted Magenta. 
4. I do not appreciate people who don't have liquid handsoap!!!  If I come over your house I don't want to wash my hands with soap that's been on your privates!
5. Road kill freaks me ooooout! But if I'm driving/riding I have to look to see if its actually road kill before I get freaked out. lol.
6. I don't eat turkeynecks because they look like a neck! Or any other foods like it... Eww!  #ICant. I know I'm from Memphis TN, but I don't eat that real southern stuff.
7. I love to party, but I can't dance.... unless I'm tipsy. lol.
8. I love historical African American documentaries, forensic psychology shows, Unsung and Behind the Music, family/tourist activities, aquariums, live music, neo soul music, poetry, art & crafts, cheese fries, crablegs, and frozen beverages, especially frozen margaritas!!! 
9. I'm the epitome of a #Virgo born #September4... I'm the Vixen and The Virgin mixed together! I'm a little sassy but I'm classy.
10.I used to have a motorcycle. Rode for 5 years, and fell once... bled a little bit, but got back up and starting riding again!.. Furthermore, I love sports cars & would probably never buy a luxury car... Sporty only! I definitely have a need for speed. Just ask my friends. lol. I love it!
11. I love to snuggle under blankets when I'm lounging around, or taking a road trip. I'm a real snuggler and cuddler. And I loooove road trips. The kind when its like 3 more more people riding together. 
12. In the evening, I can't tell the difference between when its about to get dark & when its about to rain. lol. 
13. My hair is natural by accident.... I got a haircut that cut my relaxer out (wasn't getting relaxers but every 3 months anyway)... I probably would have never joined the natural hair bandwagon, as I thought most of it looked a mess!.. However, now that I'm natural, I'll never go back to #CreamyCrack!!!.... I even hate for my hair to be straighten too thin. lol.... It's amazing how some accidents are blessings!.. #TeamNatural!!!
14. I do NOT and EVER use the "N" Word... Its never been part of my vocabulary.
15. I used to be VERY afraid of raw meat when I was little, especially chicken... & It's still hard for me to touch it... I have to wear gloves. I'm still kind of scared of it :( But I love me some hotwings tho! Lol. 
16. I'm silly, clumsy & accident prone! My ass will fall at any given time. I seriously trip over my own feet. lol.
17. I have bad outside, non food, allergy & sinuses. But I loove to be outside! & I prefer to have the windows down than the A/C on.. I looove fresh air.
18.  I do not like being barefoot. I even hate walking around in socks. I walk around in flip flops. 
19. I have a short attention span & a lot of blonde white girl moments! But I graduated with honors both times in college.I am a University of Memphis Alumni. Go Tigers! 
20. Although this is a personal blog, I want to show people that plus size, and curvy women can do anything, even media, modeling, and entertainment... so stay tuned! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Got My Vagina Steamed!!!

At VavaVoomATL
Happened Last Night, 11/11/15

The Vagina Steamer!

Here's the steamer that steamed my vagina! lol. I saw the list of ingredients; it included 19 different herbs, plus water. I'm not going to tell you the list of herbs. You need to go and experience this for yourself! Steam that vagina girl! Make it hot for your honey! ;)

Smiling on the Steamer!

Lol. That's what I posted on Instagram last night. I was really sitting there getting my vagina steamed! Right on camera. lol. And it felt oh so goooood! I sat about 45 minutes and actually enjoyed it. I talked with the owner, Kimberly, who is sooooo cool while sitting on the steamer! She had me dying laughing. I almost slipped off my chair laughing at her. But of course that's me, I'm goofy as hell. No, It didn't burn my vagina. It wasn't extremely hot, It was more like a steamy feel, and felt like I was in the sauna, in a spa, or something....but with a naked vagina! I'm thinking the herbal ingredients gave me that minty/tingly kind of sensation I was feeling. It wasn't an orgasmic feel, more like a medicinal relaxed kind of feel. Vagina Steams/ Vtox are supposed  to be good for the vagina in many ways (e.g. antibiotic and antifungal properties, healing powers, they help ease cramps, soothe hemorrhoids, reduce stress, fight infections, & more). I can't tell a difference just yet, but it felt good!

 I definitely recommend this. 

At least one time in your life!... Go with your homegirl. It'll be even better. Y'all can sip on a margarita, while getting y'all vagina's steamed and talk about the latest gossip on Chrisy's (my) social media :)

The wax and color station!

 Yes, she can color and wax your vaggy hairs if you believe in the bush. lol. Since I'm not a fan of the bush, I decided to try the vagina steam/ vtox instead.  

Inside decor. 

 It felt so feminine in there. Like you were in a vagina spa. I really like the setup. When you walk in, you walk into a business that has a salon and a few other things going on. But Vavavoom is downstairs, kind of like a basement. It has a real grown and sexy feel. 

Yep, My name was on the board! How cuuuuute. I totally loved it!

There were 994 Voomers before me! 

Pvvvy Juice! 

I'm not sure if you saw my blog post of the Sex Down South Conference or not, but I met the owner of Vavavoom and Pvvvy Juice at the conference. I tried the Pvvvy juice there. It was yummy, tasted like a liquid smoothie! The picture on the right is from the Conference. Too bad it was out of stock last night. Pvvvy juice and Vagina Steams.... what a lovely combination! lol. 

Make sure you check out VavaVoom ATL, and tell them Chrisy Chris sent you! 

May your Vagina be Hot and Healthy!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some Days I'm A Model Too!

Pink Curvez Photoshoot
Last Sunday Nov 8, 2015

I really like this picture! That skirt had me sucked and tucked in! And no, I did not have on any shapewear. As a matter of fact, I don't ever wear shapewear. I haven't found any that fits.

A few other models and styles.  I had two other looks but I'm not going to make it that easy for ya! Go check out Pink Curvez and see for yourself!

When your #TurkeyLegsHamThighs still jiggle after u stop moving. lol.

 I don't ever act right! :) I love to smile an laugh! Laughs are instant vacations!

To shop with Pink Curvez


... Chrisy Chris...