Tuesday, November 17, 2015

20 Facts About Me!

Since This Is A Personal Blog, I Decided To Get Personal!

1. I'm a slick germ-a-phobe! I ALWAYS eat with a plastic fork/spoon when I go out to eat. However, I can tolerate a regular knife ( people don't eat off knives)... If they don't have plastic cutlery I get a real attitude, and try to deal with it (I don't let the silverware touch my mouth, only my teeth, lol), or go to my car and get some plastic ware out! Yes, I keep a stash!
2. I've never been skinny. I've always been plus size. I get my shape from my mom. However my younger sisters are shaped totally different & are small! 
3.  My favorite color is Magenta/Fuchsia. My eyeglasses are magenta, even my hair dye is Magenta... I even had a mustang that was custom painted Magenta. 
4. I do not appreciate people who don't have liquid handsoap!!!  If I come over your house I don't want to wash my hands with soap that's been on your privates!
5. Road kill freaks me ooooout! But if I'm driving/riding I have to look to see if its actually road kill before I get freaked out. lol.
6. I don't eat turkeynecks because they look like a neck! Or any other foods like it... Eww!  #ICant. I know I'm from Memphis TN, but I don't eat that real southern stuff.
7. I love to party, but I can't dance.... unless I'm tipsy. lol.
8. I love historical African American documentaries, forensic psychology shows, Unsung and Behind the Music, family/tourist activities, aquariums, live music, neo soul music, poetry, art & crafts, cheese fries, crablegs, and frozen beverages, especially frozen margaritas!!! 
9. I'm the epitome of a #Virgo born #September4... I'm the Vixen and The Virgin mixed together! I'm a little sassy but I'm classy.
10.I used to have a motorcycle. Rode for 5 years, and fell once... bled a little bit, but got back up and starting riding again!.. Furthermore, I love sports cars & would probably never buy a luxury car... Sporty only! I definitely have a need for speed. Just ask my friends. lol. I love it!
11. I love to snuggle under blankets when I'm lounging around, or taking a road trip. I'm a real snuggler and cuddler. And I loooove road trips. The kind when its like 3 more more people riding together. 
12. In the evening, I can't tell the difference between when its about to get dark & when its about to rain. lol. 
13. My hair is natural by accident.... I got a haircut that cut my relaxer out (wasn't getting relaxers but every 3 months anyway)... I probably would have never joined the natural hair bandwagon, as I thought most of it looked a mess!.. However, now that I'm natural, I'll never go back to #CreamyCrack!!!.... I even hate for my hair to be straighten too thin. lol.... It's amazing how some accidents are blessings!.. #TeamNatural!!!
14. I do NOT and EVER use the "N" Word... Its never been part of my vocabulary.
15. I used to be VERY afraid of raw meat when I was little, especially chicken... & It's still hard for me to touch it... I have to wear gloves. I'm still kind of scared of it :( But I love me some hotwings tho! Lol. 
16. I'm silly, clumsy & accident prone! My ass will fall at any given time. I seriously trip over my own feet. lol.
17. I have bad outside, non food, allergy & sinuses. But I loove to be outside! & I prefer to have the windows down than the A/C on.. I looove fresh air.
18.  I do not like being barefoot. I even hate walking around in socks. I walk around in flip flops. 
19. I have a short attention span & a lot of blonde white girl moments! But I graduated with honors both times in college.I am a University of Memphis Alumni. Go Tigers! 
20. Although this is a personal blog, I want to show people that plus size, and curvy women can do anything, even media, modeling, and entertainment... so stay tuned!