Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 with @BBWPartiesAtl

Hosted by the CEO of the BBW's of Atlanta @TheRealJuC

If you are a BBW ( Big Beautiful Woman) or a BBW  Lover, you should have been at this party!!!

Your's truly @curvycurlychrisy was there and ready to Dominate! That's right... I went as a Dominatrix :) I told y'all all black and black lipstick makes me feel some kind of way. So why not be my inner ego :)

Me and Ju'C the BBW Host. She was an amazing host. I know Ju'C from around the way. She is serious about her BBW business! I see ya girl. 

Me and Mz. Kitty Black Peach. One of the BBW promo models. 

When I saw the picture, I thought of creating a Meme that says " When Somebody Tries to Hurt You But You Smile Anyway"... Ha! 

One of the performers of the night. He had his stick and I had my whip!

A girl's got to eat! They had a ton of wings and things. Cupcakes, candy, and my favorite: Adult Libations! 


That cupcake was soooo good and most. I gobbled it up so fast. lol. We were also given little candy party favors. That candy is long gone.

It was SpookTackular!

Wings! Yummmm. A lot of the food was gone. But there were still plenty of wings. 

This is the lovely bartender. She was amazing. She even helped and took a pic of me. Come to find out, she's a photographer too.   

The DJ was a amazing! He had the perfect setup. I really liked the location of the event. It was perfect for a party.

I love to see people in costume.

I missed the music performance, but I heard they were awesome.


The decor was awesome! I can tell they really put some time and effort into this event. 

Look at Ju'C doing her thing on the dance floor!

Me and the BBW promo models. They were so friendly and fly!... Yassss.

 I really enjoyed myself. The party started around 9 pm but I didn't get there until 11:30, and thank GOD I got there before the rain came down hard. I left around 1:30 a.m. when the party started to clear out. We got to party an extra hour because it was daylight savings time. I was wondering why it felt like I was there so long. lol..... I wish I could have taken some wings with me. Those wings were so damn good. It was like 5 flavors. The hottest of the hot was my favorite. My drinks were good too. I was given 2 complimentary drinks for being me :), an awesome blogger. Ha!

  I must say, I was very impressed! From the food, to the decor, to the CONFIDENT BBW'S. I keep telling y'all, Plus Size is on the Rise!

And I want my piece of the pie!

That moment when you're trying to be Audacious and Fierce and you nail it! :)

Thanks for tuning in! 

...Chrisy Chris...

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