Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Got My Vagina Steamed!!!

At VavaVoomATL
Happened Last Night, 11/11/15

The Vagina Steamer!

Here's the steamer that steamed my vagina! lol. I saw the list of ingredients; it included 19 different herbs, plus water. I'm not going to tell you the list of herbs. You need to go and experience this for yourself! Steam that vagina girl! Make it hot for your honey! ;)

Smiling on the Steamer!

Lol. That's what I posted on Instagram last night. I was really sitting there getting my vagina steamed! Right on camera. lol. And it felt oh so goooood! I sat about 45 minutes and actually enjoyed it. I talked with the owner, Kimberly, who is sooooo cool while sitting on the steamer! She had me dying laughing. I almost slipped off my chair laughing at her. But of course that's me, I'm goofy as hell. No, It didn't burn my vagina. It wasn't extremely hot, It was more like a steamy feel, and felt like I was in the sauna, in a spa, or something....but with a naked vagina! I'm thinking the herbal ingredients gave me that minty/tingly kind of sensation I was feeling. It wasn't an orgasmic feel, more like a medicinal relaxed kind of feel. Vagina Steams/ Vtox are supposed  to be good for the vagina in many ways (e.g. antibiotic and antifungal properties, healing powers, they help ease cramps, soothe hemorrhoids, reduce stress, fight infections, & more). I can't tell a difference just yet, but it felt good!

 I definitely recommend this. 

At least one time in your life!... Go with your homegirl. It'll be even better. Y'all can sip on a margarita, while getting y'all vagina's steamed and talk about the latest gossip on Chrisy's (my) social media :)

The wax and color station!

 Yes, she can color and wax your vaggy hairs if you believe in the bush. lol. Since I'm not a fan of the bush, I decided to try the vagina steam/ vtox instead.  

Inside decor. 

 It felt so feminine in there. Like you were in a vagina spa. I really like the setup. When you walk in, you walk into a business that has a salon and a few other things going on. But Vavavoom is downstairs, kind of like a basement. It has a real grown and sexy feel. 

Yep, My name was on the board! How cuuuuute. I totally loved it!

There were 994 Voomers before me! 

Pvvvy Juice! 

I'm not sure if you saw my blog post of the Sex Down South Conference or not, but I met the owner of Vavavoom and Pvvvy Juice at the conference. I tried the Pvvvy juice there. It was yummy, tasted like a liquid smoothie! The picture on the right is from the Conference. Too bad it was out of stock last night. Pvvvy juice and Vagina Steams.... what a lovely combination! lol. 

Make sure you check out VavaVoom ATL, and tell them Chrisy Chris sent you! 

May your Vagina be Hot and Healthy!



  1. Interesting and funny. Who knew you could get that done?

  2. Interesting and funny. Who knew you could get that done?

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