Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ladies Night Out: Pink Poles and Mimosas!

Last Night 11/6/2015 At Pink Poles Studio
1743 Metropolitan Way, Atlanta Georgia 

It's so cuuuute on the inside. Very spacious too!


I got on the pole! Ha! That's about all I could do! lol. As well as sip the mimosas they were handing out to the guests! 

They were warming up.

Yaaaaas. If I knew how to do it, I WOULD TOO! No lie!


I've modeled with @chere4sure  (Left) and  @plus_model_sejoya aka the #CurvyHustler (Right) on two different occasions!
 My girl @chere4sure is doing a lot of filming these days! You'll see her on your screen. Don't believe me just watch! :)

@Chere4Sure, her daughter, and her publicist @totallytarapr who was also my slick, part-time photographer for the night. lol.  She was a sweetie pie! Go check out her PR work. 


+MissJerrika Karlae came out ( Left) and actress @ashleyevans on the (Right).

Beautiful Textures had gift bags, and I got me one!

@perfectlyhauteboutique was there vending!

Your neighborhood Hope Dealer @GirlGetYourMindRight and her friend with the cute shape


@chere4sure was Browsing (Left) and Sweet Thangs Gourmet Candy Apples was vending on the right!

She had food for and beverages for sale!

@lashedbyholly was there with her lashes, and doing raffles for free lashes. 

One of my favorite areas, the MIMOSA stand :)

@mstylernoel was on that stage SANGIN! She performed very well and was super cool!


@mstylernoel (Left) and one of the other special guests, Red Man ( right)

One of the other special guests, @Truancy_mmsent (right) and his friend! Looks like Red Man and Truancy were enjoying @mstylernoel performance too! 


Me and the host @tez847

Yep, the DJ kept everybody twerkin all night! lol

The party after the party! Lol. Meanwhile, I was fixing my hair AS USUAL. lol.  

@PinkPolesStudio was recording and I saw my tall ass in the background. lol Can you spot me out???


Me and the owner of Pink Poles Studio. I had an awesome time! I will definitely be back with a group of friends!

I'm trying to get it right, get it tight! lol.
Special thanks to @broadcasting_beauty for the invite!

...Chrisy Chris...

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