Sunday, November 22, 2015

Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Party

Hosted by LHHATL Stevie J. and Joseline
At the Museum Bar ATL
on 11/21/2015

And yours truly was there for the party! 

Turns out, Scrilla Guerillaz is an entertainment company, as well as a magazine. 

As seen on #LHHATL@lord_daze_sg the Owner of @scrilla_guerillaz

He as super duper cool. He said "Damn girl, I might need you in the magazine", lol. That made me smile. I'm loving how much people are starting to accept us Plus Size girls :) It's my ultimate goal!

Remember the song Party Like A Rockstar?

Well @shopboyzmusic @shopboymeany @shopboyfat @shopboy_sheed performed and had us partying just like a Rockstar!

Love and Hip Hop @_msjoseline and Steebie :) @hitmansteviej_1 chilling in their private section taking pics for their fans and the media. 

Quick pics with Steebie and the Puerto Rican Princess :)

LHHATL @_iamashleynicole performed one of her songs about wanting a girlfriend. 

@shopboyzmusic @shopboymeany @shopboyfat @shopboy_sheed performing 

Party like a Rockstar.

They had a nice crowd there. Although I had VIP access, I wasn't really in VIP because everyone was out by the stage watching the performers, and I'm okay with that. They put on a great show! 

Make sure you check out the actual Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine!


...Chrisy Chris...

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