Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving with URSHA ( Usher Raymond)

It Was A Very Private Setting That Didn't Get Publicized

Usher and his family actually put on the gloves and got to work!

I was in mid sentence when the picture was snapped. We actually took like 5 pics before we got it right. lol....Looks like Usher and I are almost the same height! I thought he was a little taller. 

...He was real chill, didn't really say too much. He just ate and served. 

Usher was on the beverage table most of the day. They had some amazing apple juice in a cute bottle that I loooooved!

Usher ( Left), His wife Grace ( Middle), and his mother Ms. Jonetta ( Right).

 Ms. Jonetta told the crowd that for 15 years she has had Thanksgiving dinner at her home. This year was the first year she decided to have it elsewhere, and she brought about 8 other people (in addition to Usher and his wife) to help.

 The recipients of this meal were soooo happy! Since It wasn't publicized, I won't say exactly who the recipients were. 

But lucky me! I got a chance to be a part of the new tradition, and I left with a full tummy!!! lol. I actually had to throw some food away. I had too much on my plate. But I stuffed myself as much as I could :)

The food was amazing. The desserts were even better!... My favorite was the mac and cheese!

 When it was all over and done, Usher was parked across from me! lol.

 And this big van was pulling out looking like it was about to back into his truck. He was looking like "Yeah, let me move my whip" and laughing at the people around him ( they were making all kind of jokes about the van hitting his truck). I was laughing too. lol. 

My photographer ( not a real one) didn't do too good with the pics. And my phone was acting funny!

I was just grateful to be there tho. 

Hope you had a good turkey day! 


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