Saturday, November 21, 2015

Welcome to Sweetie Pies NoHo Season Premiere Party

At Taboo 2 Bistro
on 11/20/15

The new season of the show Welcome to Sweetie Pies, North Hollywood ( No Ho) location ( In California) premieres today, on OWN Tv! 

And yesterday we had a good ole time at Taboo 2 celebrating... As you can see, I wasn't dressed in my all black that I usually wear to events. It was a last minute thing, so I had to go as is, but I made it happen! And dammit I'm happy I went! It was such a pleasure.

Miss Robbie didn't show up, but Tim, Lil' Charles and other Welcome to Sweeties Pies No Ho cast members came out! 

Left to Right: Bruce ( Floor Manager), Chloe (Cashier), Tim ( Miss Robbie's Son and Co Owner, Danielle ( Tim's Personal Assistant), and Lil Charles ( Miss Robbie's Nephew)

(Left) Me and Miss Robbie's son, Tim @The_TimNorman. He was looking mighty spiffy!I loved his mohawk; It made me miss mine. (Right) @chloedani_ just loved my butt. lol. We took this pic like three times. Lil Charles was laughing

I think they love me :) They were soooo friendly! @chloedani_ ( left) was trying to take a pic pointing at my butt, but Lil Charles @charlescrenchaw said "Ok, now take the pic the right way", lol. That was too funny to me!


       I'm not sure about his role, but I told him I was from Memphis, and he said, "I knew we should have opened that restaurant in Memphis! ", lol. In case you didn't know, they were supposed to open a restaurant in Memphis like a year or two ago right before I moved to Atlanta. Apparently, they were having issues with the building, so they decided not to open one there. Aw man, that sucks! It would have been nice to go home to visit Memphis, and eat at their restaurant from time to time! 

 Meanwhile, @watchdanielle and I were there bonding like cousins! She started pouting when I told her I was getting ready to leave, and because I didn't hug her goodbye. Awwww, how sweet! It's cool though, because she's supposed to hit me up when she comes to ATL in a few weeks.



Look at my chocolate muffin, my media partner @tammydmissfat. I was laughing because once we saw the nice VIP spread, Tam said " That's that OWN TV money " lol,  We had access to a nice dinner and dessert, and 2 FREE TOP SHELF drinks!!! You know I Indulged! lol 

That moment when y'all  let social media know Team #CurvezInTheStreetz in the building! 

I had a plate full! We had scrimps (shrimp) and everything! I snapped this pic while waiting on my margaritas. Within minutes those 2 red tickets were replaced with libations!   

Other guests! Deb said she doesn't EVER get on the red carpet. I wonder why. Hmmm. 


Whelp, although I was dressed like I was ready to go shopping for hours, I still had fun! Big shoutout to CJ Carter Inc and 4 play Magazine!!!

... Sidenote, since I didn't get a chance to look cute for this event, I went home, got dressed, and headed to my media partner @tammydmissfat Friday Night Live event at Blu Sky Martini Bar. I don't know why I felt like I had to have a makeover. lol. Check me out! 

Remember this unitard, I modeled for @pinkcurvez ???  I was looking down like girls do when they feel cute. lol. 

Make sure you  be a sweetie pie, and tune in TONIGHT, at 9 PM, to watch the new season premiere of  Welcome to Sweetie Pies! 

Thanks Sweetie! 

...Chrisy Chris...

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