Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Flat Tummy Tea: My Experience

Flat Tummy Tea Was Sent To Me To Promote...

Me after my photoshoot with Pink Curvez Boutique. 

I was having lady problems, so drinking a tea that reduces bloating was right on time. However, I could NOT drink my morning cup of tea before the photoshoot; I had to skip it, and just drink my night time tea that day. Keep reading, I'll tell you why!

A quick pic after I received my second shipment from them. 

My shipments came quick! As soon as they hit me up, they were there within 3 days. They've sent me two shipments. Lucky me! 

Now, I didn't start drinking it immediately  because my busy life wouldn't allow me to make loose tea. The fact that I actually had to make it, and not just grab a tea bag and go kind of held me back. Plus, I don't think I had to right kind of tea strainer, but I made it work for me. What I did was, strained all of the tea in the packets, and put it in the fridge ( separated the night tea and day tea) that way I could just pour me some, heat it up, and go. 

Me chilling around the house on a regular day... about to try the tea. 

Ok, so here's my take on it! If you drink this tea expect to be on the toilet most of the day because it will clean you out!!! And although the night time tea says cleanse, and the day time tea say activate, my ass was cleansed and activated all day and night! So, as mentioned previously, I did NOT drink the morning tea before my photoshoot... I didn't think It would have gone too well. Maybe it would have, I don't know,  because I was definitely bloated during the photoshoot. I just didn't want to get that urge to use the restroom while I was there, because photoshoots can last for hours. 

I still have a lot of tea to go! And I'm still being cleansed and activated. As far as it reducing bloating, and weight loss, I'm not too sure If it has done that for me or not yet. Part of the reason is because I don't get on scales, and don't usually have bloating unless it's mother natures week... or if I drink some milk (lol)....

Overall, I like it and will continue to drink it until it's gone. It has a very nice taste, so I don't have to mix it with anything. And the fact that I feel lighter and cleansed is a plus for me! .. I'm trying to get sexier! lol... 

Stay Tuned!


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  1. Really ebjoyed your take on the flat tommy tea as an artist and songwritter im just looking for other solutions in my journey to reduce fat and stress as well excersizing has been key for me bit its nixe to add more help to mh diet. Thanks Beautiful