Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Mexican w/ GC Eternal of Kinfolk Thugs

In Memphis Tennessee
At Happy Mexican on Ridgeway
Saturday, December 26

First thing I wanted to do when I touched down in Memphis was to go to Happy Mexican on Ridgeway. When I lived in Memphis I went there like once a week for a Big Daddy Burrito and a Frozen Margarita. That place was like a lounge. It was always packed and on and poppin! They played hip hop music and everything.  

As soon as me and my girl Ciji walked In I saw GC sitting at the table with a friend/music mentor of his. I pointed GC out and told her he still looked the same. 

GC Eternal is one half of the music group Kinfolk Thugs, a hip hop music group that had Memphis Backin it up and Dumpin it ( one of their songs) somewhere around 2008. GC and Tyme Bomb both went to the same high school I went to. As you can see, GC  got our school mascot, a Cardinal tatted on his arm; he made sure he had it showing for the pic, lol. Funny thing is tho, I thought that Cardinal was a super corny mascot when I was in high school. Evidently its more than what I thought, because GC is loyal to it. lol. 

Soooo, about this pic, lol. GC throwing up our side of town ( Eastside) I was just doing a peace sign. I forgot all about the Eastside sign. Back when I was in school I was focused on boys, lol. I didn't care about reppin my neighborhood, so this Eastside sign looks kind of new to me ( shrugs shoulders) lol. 

Ciji (my friend since 8th grade) and GC enjoying the drinks at Happy Mexican. I'm going to be honest, the drinks are NOT the same. They are a tad bit weak now :( But one things for certain, GC took care of us. He said whatever they want, they can have. I was like say whaaaaat. lol. He's a real sweetheart. I stuck with my Big Daddy Burrito and my Raspberry Pina Colada Margarita.

GC and a guy that's well connected in the industry. He was a cool old man! 

I talked to GC and asked him what he has going on. He told me he's still doing music and still making it happen, and is now the CEO of Muthaland Entertainment. I told him to put my dump truck in his next video, lol, he laughed.

I also told him how much I missed him and Tyme Bomb making music together. I can tell he misses it too. I sure hope whatever is stopping them moves out of their way so that they can put on for my city together again!!! 

Follow GC on IG at @GCEternal

Check out some of their old music. Brings back memories, right!


Somebody Tell GC to Put Me In His Next Video. lol.

...Chrisy Chris...

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