Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hennessy and Christmas Carols

At The Eleven 45 Lounge
on 12/16/15 

The guests brought toys, while Hennessy gave out drinks! 

And these two brought laughs! 


Back to the Hennessy tho, lol, the FREE Hennessy cocktails made the Christmas Carols so much better! lol. Did I mention it was free :) oh yeah, I did. 

Now, I'm not a brown liquor drinker, but what I have learned is that pineapple juice makes everything better. I put pineapple juice in all of my mixed drinks!  Hennessy and pineapple works well for me!

Buuut, right after I had my Henn and Pineapple, I got thirsty! 

@whoiszo had to buy me some water because I'm cheap & refused to spend $5 on a bottle of water. Oh well! Thanks Zo! 

Yep! Team #CurvezInTheStreetz were there! Me and @TammyDMissFat 

 s/o to CJ Carter Inc!


 (Left) Upcoming Celebrity DJ @JoshAcoff  (Right) +JacobLatimoreVEVO Singer, Dancer, and Actor. Both of these young guys are definitely making moves. I wish I would have started when I was their age. 

#Fawkyoumean @dcyoungfly has a pretty smile! My goofy ass laughed every time he said something tho. He looked at me with a funny look. I'm not sure what that look meant, but he looks all shy and innocent in this picture. lol. 

Earlier in the night guests watched a short video clip of DC Young Fly and Emmanuel Hudson donating Christmas gifts to a family in need this year. You know they acted a fool right, lol. One of the purposes of this Christmas Carol event was to collect more toys to donate to other families in need. To my understanding, this is the media company's fourth or fifth time doing a Christmas Carol event. Kudos to them!... I donated a sand art kit. I have always been a fan of the arts :) 

Now, lets talk about Emmanuel Hudson, how 'bout he showed up 4 hours into the event, as I was walking to the car. Ugggh, I wanted to laugh at him too. Oh well! 

More pics of Jacob Latimore and DC Young Fly with my guys 

@Iamnorie and @skrooge205

Now, there were about 4 other artists that performed, and sang Christmas Carols. It was nice and really put me in the Christmas spirit. Here they are.... On the red carpet. 

Right when I got ready to leave I was handed a gift bag. It had Hennessy shades, a portable phone charger by Hennessy, and a few other sporting items in the bag! Yassss, that portable phone charger has always been something I wanted. I don't know why I never ordered one. But that's ok, because now I have TWO! Lucky me.

I truly enjoyed this event, as I'm always a fan of giving back, and an even bigger fan of FREE DRINKS and LAUGHS! 

Merry Chrimus!

...Chrisy Chris...

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  1. It would be so great to sing along these carols on Christmas day. It is so warm.