Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lunch... Atlanta Falcons... Christmas Cottage

With Mrs.Canakaris, Part Owner of Atlanta Falcons
Tuesday December 22, Private Location

While taking a potty break, I snapped it up! lol. It was Falcons stuff spread throughout the place, but for some reason I liked the rug. lol. 


Mrs.Canakaris was so sweet, and super accommodating to all of her guests. Guests were invited to a mexican style lunch, combined with hot chocolate, and mini desserts. The perfect combination for their very festive Christmas cottage. That place was huge! It reminded me of a cabin. A lot of wood, and animal decor throughout the place. Oh, and Falcons stuff too :)  

Wherever there is food, you can find me! lol. 

After we ran through the food! lol.

The hot chocolate area.

Hmmm, somewhere in between lunch and dessert. 

Santa and his squad were so cute to me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. From the atmosphere, to the food. It was all good!...

Honestly, this opportunity kind of hit me by surprise and at the very last minute. Lucky me! 


 I forgot to share with you my experience from another Falcons owner, Warrick Dunn.

Another surprise event I was invited to at the Zucot Gallery. Mr. Dunn 

is always giving back to his community! I truly enjoyed the complimentary food and money saving tips.Plus, I walked away with bags of free food/groceries and even got a #PattiePie. Yaaas!

...This is my last post before Christmas...
... So, I wish you a VERY, Merry Christmas!!!

... Chrisy Chris...

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