Monday, December 14, 2015

Me + Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine & Entertainment Company

Yep, they now have a #CurvyCurly girl on the team :)

You can catch me in the streets with SG and/or on Scrilla Guerillaz Radio!

Thursday, December 10, I went to the studio and had a talk with Scrilla Guerillaz CEO @lord_daze_sg, and guess what, he wants me on the team. Now, this wasn't my first time at the studio/radio station, and it wasn't my first time hanging out with Daze; after I blogged the Scrilla Guerillaz event at the Museum Bar on  Nov 21 Daze reached out, and... I'm here now! 

Me and Daze two Thursdays ago

It was my first time  at the studio/radio station. I was nervous but Daze was super cool and made me feel welcomed. 

Again, two Thursdays ago... Me and @IvyShades after she rocked the mic during her interview

She has lyrics, and she has shades. She's been on VH1, Jet Mag, and more. 

...Now back to December 10...

Big Gipp @gippgoodie  from #GoodieMob came by and did an interview for SG. 

Daze, Hursh, Diamond, and Big Gipp

And right after he was done, yours truly was up next!

Now, let me be honest, I've never done radio before. But GOD!... God is opening up doors for me and I love it!


If you've been following me, you know me and Tammy D Miss Fat are #CurvezInTheStreetz ... so I had to have her around as I embrace this new endeavor with Scrilla Guerilla.

Now, (Clears throat, lol) from what I understand, Daze was impressed with my hustle, my bloggin skills, my social media following, and my presence as a whole.... and that's why he offered me a segment on #ScrillaGuerillazMagazineLive 

Yep, I'm going to be on the radio yall! :)

So, Daze came up with this #AskChrisyChris thing... Everything is still in limbo, so give us time to work out the kinks. lol. But the gist of it is to pick topics, and then #AskChrisyChris how she/her/me/we feel about it :) Details on how to go about this new segment and more are TBA. But don't stray away, this thing will be on and poppin in a few weeks! Matter of fact, we kind of started last week. 

Check me out! 


I'm Chrisy Chris better known as @curvycurlychrisy, also known as Chrisy P.  

Dang, no mercy. lol. She straight asked me if I can handle the Peter  Lol. The SG listeners heard my response :) 

 I can tell... This is going to be real interesting! Lol.

I'm King Size. Sized for a King! 

If you didn't know, SG started up North. I'm trying to bring Southern Spice to it!

Tune in on THURSDAYS, from 9pm -12am on or Call 404-334-0380. 

Each Thursday they have a special guest... And now they have me :)

Stay Tuned!

...Chrisy Chris...

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