Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Scrilla Guerillaz Gear/Website Addition

I Guess I'm Officially Part of The Scrilla Guerillaz Team Now!!!

Last night I posted on my social media about +Lord Daze wanting to know how my Scrilla Guerillaz shirt fit. Well, I think It fits well! I like it. And I'm happy to be a part of the team. Oh, I forgot to let him know I was also wearing my SG wristbands too, and on both wrists! :)

I also posted a screenshot from their website. They've added me and my blog to their site!!!   Just click my pic, and it will direct you to my blog!

 I am soooo grateful for it all! Furthermore, I am excited about the journey ahead of me and the Scrilla Guerillaz team! 

Make sure yall check out my segment #AudaciousAudacity on Thursdays for #scrillaguerillazmagazinelive between 9p-12a.

I gotta go, It's time to party! 

Be Safe, and May You Have A Happy New Year! 

...Chrisy Chris...

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