Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Final Draft Listening Party

At Tee's And Quotes
January 27, 2016

This event was at CAPACITY. Like NO MORE room for anyone else! They really put on a show too.

Packed house! 


Yours truly, #TheCurvyButterfli was all in the mix. 

My girl Zyoness Curves (Left) came out. So did Broadcasting Beauty (Right), she's a blogger, PR and more.


More  industry guests. 

A Stylist, Be 100 Radio, A Blogger/Model and a Super producer. lol 

The lovely Priyanka Banks from VH1 Sorority sisters and Robin Dyke from Bravo TV Mother Funders came out. 

These @4Finaldraft_ guys rocked the house and were amazing! I look forward to seeing them around. 

That's All Folks!

... Chrisy Chris...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

VH1's Stevie J. And Joseline Go Hollywood!

Private Pre-Viewing Party
At the Twelve Hotel, Downtown Atlanta

Guests were invited to a private pre-viewing of Stevie J and Joseline's reality show on VH1 - Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood. It was a black carpet event so your's truly, #TheCurvyButterfli had to show up in my Saturday's best, lol. Something simple I put together. I was cute tho :)

This event was packed! And my Scriilla Guerillaz family were in there deep as the ocean. hahaha.  

(Left) Cool ass @dvanteblack was looking real spiffy! I like that pic. I look like a mermaid. lol. 

(Right) @diamond_strawberry from #LHHNY. A friend of Scrilla Guerrillaz Ceo. She even partied with us at the after party. 

Actress Mena, Scrilla Guerillaz CEO Lord Daze, and yours truly, #TheCurvyButterfli
We hung out all night, even went to the waffle house. We all know that's a late night spot. lol. 

Scrilla Guerillaz Ceo is the best! Always a helping hand to others. 

(Left) My girl, Plus Model and Host, Zyoness Curves.

(Right) Tammy D Miss Fat, Ceo Of Diva 4 Life Ent

(Left) Two Diamonds! lol. Scrilla Guerillaz host Diamond P, and Ms. Diamond Strawberry. 

(Right) Zyoness Curves and Michael Majesty. 

 (Left) @michaelmajesty and I were having a hard time getting the lighting right, but we got er' done. He's so kind. 

(Right) The Seven Dollar Cupcake lady. She had an assortment of cupcakes such as : bacon, chicken and waffles, Red velvet cake, cheesecake, chocolate, and more. They were yummy! I think had the cheesecake cupcake. 

I love Ms Deb! @debra4mizay is always so fun and friendly. She looooves selfies too. That's something we have in common. She posted the selfies we took on her page. How sweet :)

 ( Left) @cisco_rosado from #LHHNY got a strong grip! lol. He was squeezing me while taking the pic. He said he works out a lot! So we'll blame it on the muscles

(Right) @mskellyprice is a sweetie every time I see her and always says "Tag me in the pic", lol. People always tell me we look alike. 

I don't waist train, but I should have got down with @premadonna87 (Center) #WaistGangSociety while she was in the building. She creates Coke bottle bodies!

The gorgeous @menaw2 (Right) will be on a screen near you soon!

After the party was the after party! At Pat's on Auburn Avenue. 
 @dorian_j1 was looking spiffy & looks just like his dad @hitmansteviej_1.Super cool dude.


(Left) @mimifaust came to the after party and had a cool ass phone case that I loved!!! It had lights around it, similar to a vanity. That's a pretty lil lady right there!

Congrats @hitmansteviej_1 (Right). The showed #StevieJandJoselineGoesToHollywood aired on VH1 Monday night, and was definitely entertaining.

Oh, In case you're wondering, Joseline did show up to the pre-viewing party, but somehow I missed her. I think she was in and out real quick!

Whelp, that's all folks!

Thank you for sticking with me!

...Chrisy Chris...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Holiday Variety Show

Brought to You By CoCo Studios and Jo-Sa Entertainment
 At the City Club Of Buckhead
On January 14

Yours Truly was in the building! 

Plus Models Tammy D Miss Fat and Zyoness came thru! 
We were in #CurvezInTheStreetz mode.

(Left)  CoCo of @CoCo_studios. It was a pleasure assisting her and Linda Mims @linda1318 with this event! 

(Right) The spiffy host Bossman Q! He told us he will be leaving ATL and moving to Cali. You know I'll be at his going away party!


#KingSizeModel :) and a #Burlesque model 

Live Comedy with comedian Bo P.

Comedians Jerry Farber (Left) and Julie Osburne ( Right).
Mr. Farber is such a funny man and a flirt. I thoroughly enjoyed him. 

Ayyye, its @comediantonytone.. I remember him from the #UniversalSoulCircus I love when I run into my fellow #Memphis peeps.

Yaaas Comedian @rodneyperrylive had us laughing all night... jokes about my butt & all (when taking the pic on the left) lol.. that's why my neck look short. Trying not to laugh... lol.. As you can see, he had me laughing all night. I liked the fact that he involved the crowd with a dance-off thing and that he walked around on that stage behind me like it was a runway to do his comedy.We even took an USIE while he was in action. lol. 

It was such a nice event. I met two great people from Memphis that are in the entertainment business here in ATL and that felt so good! The show was amazing and the VIP status was phenomenal. Unfortunately it was the last night of the #CurvezIntheStreetz movement. We decided to focus on building our own brands right now. Who knows, you might get a reunion out of us :) 

For now, I'm in these streets as #TheCurvyButterfli

Stay tuned!

... Chrisy Chris...

Monday, January 18, 2016

House of Shoots - #ShootOutPowerShootATL

An Invite Only Networking Event/Powershoot

I went to this event with my Scrilla Guerillaz team and thoroughly enjoyed it! 

We had a vendors table and were selling magazines, shirts, hats, and more! Did I mention P. Diddy is on the cover of SG Magazine this time??? Check him out behind me :)

Check us out! :) These items can also be purchased online. 


@lord_daze_sg of @scrilla_guerillaz is my my ppl. ....Started with a #blog now we're here! He told me "Chrisy, I talk to u like you're a dude" I said yep, have me looking at " #Bunz " and all, lol when he knows I prefer WIENERS!  #Coolest New Yorker I know.

LHHATL Erica Dixon's mother Mingon Dixon also seen on LHHATL came through and hung out with us for a few minutes. 

I was teaching Mignon about Instagram DM's and cropping pictures on her phone. Lol. She was so fun. 


Guess what!?!! @joeyungspike owner of @atlhouseofshoots is from Memphis too!!! Yeey, I love to meet other people from my hometown. This guy is doing his thing here in ATL. He is  responsible for a lot of music video shoots you see on T.V.  He recently did a video shoot for Rappers Lil Boosie, and Kevin Gates. 

My girl Nese came out and enjoyed the crowd. She's always looking for new photographers for her business @PinkCurvez

There were nice cars, and beautiful ladies on set who took pics with the nice cars! I wasn't in the picture taking mood. I was actually tired. I really hate I missed out on those free photoshoots tho. 


Mermaid tails and body paint.


Food and fun. These guys started dancing later on that night. 

This was a well put together event. They had an awesome turnout. I made new connects and had a good ole time. Even had Ciroc poured in my mouth by Ciroc Boy Q, straight from the bottle. lol. It definitely served its purpose. I just hope I get invited to the next one. 

Daze got a kick out of a cup being able to sit on my butt. lol. That my bro! 

Team Scrilla Guerillaz! 

... Chrisy Chris...