Saturday, January 2, 2016

Adios 2015, Hola 2016...Flashback to 2014

2015 Ended at Top Golf, 2016 Began at Top Golf!

Last Pic of 2015!!!

Before I tell you about my night, let's flashback to 2014 going into 2015

                ( Left ) Last selfie I took in 2014 ( I had only been in Atlanta 6 months !!!)
(Right) First pic of 2015 with my homeboy JRel. He was promoting a party at Calabar and Grill via a Facebook group, so I showed up and supported him. I was still new here and missing my friends back home in Memphis, but it was cool. The depression wore off after the drinks hit my system. lol. 
                                      Back to the last day of 2015... 
I was supposed to bring in my New Year at Suite Lounge but I decided I didn't want to be around a lot of people. That place is crowded on a regular night, I can only imagine what New Years would have been like. Me and my girl Christina decided to go to the strip club ( I really don't care for them, I was just taking one for the team), but that too didn't work out. I accidentally  found Top Golf while riding around. It had a nice crowd so I stopped, checked it out, and decided to go with that, especially after I heard admission was only $10, plus I wanted to try something new. 
Top Golf was a nice spot. I didn't play golf, but I will definitely be going back for that!!! I did however get me some cheese fries and a margarita! My two fav things to eat/drink! Yummy!

Me and Christina shortly after the countdown! This girl is so funny. She says I'm a big baby!.

Judging by this video, I do think I have my big baby moments. 

I was pouting because she didn't want to take my pictures for me! lol.

 I told her "I'm not here right now"  #BlameItOnTheAlcohol

Always on my phone! lol. My girl Nese ( The owner of Pink Curvez Boutique I model for) and Christina enjoying the New Year :)

First Pic of 2016!!!

Christina actually took this pic for me after a little pouting, lol. I'm definitely grateful and thankful for the opportunity to see a New Year! 

Sooo, I bet your'e wondering what I'm up to this year huh. Well, I made sure I went into the New Year with my Vision Board completed. I actually finished it on New Years Eve, and added more to it today. Check it out!

I included words of encouragement, as well as photos. Some things were randomly put on there because I liked it, and without thinking. But after I glued it on my board I understood why I liked it.  New Years Resolutions never worked for me. So this year I started off doing something different - my Vision Board. I got a little creative with mine. Its a little crooked, but It's cute tho. lol. I have it on the wall in my bedroom. I plan to look at it at least once a day, or maybe more.

. 2015 was good to me, and I had fun with it,  but I really plan to make some career changing moves this year!

Stay Tuned!

...Chrisy Chris...

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