Sunday, January 10, 2016

Scales 925

So Y'all like this Skirt, Huh :)
It was a nice inexpensive investment! lol. 

Well, I bought this skirt and a black one a year ago and wore it one time for the Kurves Calendar release party. Last night I needed something to wear to Scales 925 for the owner of Blink Magazine birthday party, so pulled this baby out! I got a lot of compliments, inboxes, and post shares on this one; I guess pulling it back out was a good move!

Truth be told, I think I paid like $25- $30 for this skirt! I loved the mermaid looked so I bought it in black too. It was purchased from a store in the Southlake Mall. I also saw it in the Stonecrest Mall, which is my favorite mall here in ATL. 

Frank Ski has #EyeCandySaturdays at Scales 925. I did my best. lol. He had us jamming all night! 

Thanks For The Love!!!

...Chrisy Chris...

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