Saturday, January 9, 2016

Scrilla Guerillaz Radio w/Tami Roman, Dungeon Family, Jonathan Fleming and More!

Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Live 
On Highly Unique Radio

Since I have a segment on SG Magazine Live now, I was there and ready to get it poppin!

Tune in on THURSDAYS, from 9pm -12am on

or Call 404-334-0380. 

Each Thursday we have a special guest... This week we had 4+!!!


@tamiroman and daughter@jazzanderson

(Left to Right) 
Lord Daze ( CEO of SG), Jazz Anderson ( Music Artist and Tami Roman's Daughter), Jonathan Fleming's Son @therealv.p, and Tami Roman. 

Live on the radio and in action with Diamond P. 

Next Up, The Dungeon Family's Slimm Calhoun and Black Owned C-Bone

(Left to Right) 
Lord Daze ( CEO of SG), Black Owned C-Bone, Diamond P ( SG Radio Host), Slimm Calhoun, and Velvet Rope ( SG Radio Host)

The Dungeon Family was live on air, while I was drinking a NY drink called Nemo. It was yummy! I love frozen drinks, so I was all for it when I saw it was frozen!

These guys were so cool and down to earth! 

Me and Tam (#CurvezInTheStreetz) with Mr. Jonathan Fleming. He is finally free after 25 years! Check out his story.

Me and Hursh, and Hursh and Daze. I Lub these guys!

Check out Hursh's flo tho! 

Caught Daze off guard! lol. 


(Left) Celebrity DJ 
@djsuchnsuch, (Right) @wantakakuz had me and Tam laughing all night!

Live on the air for my segment Audacious Audacity.

I'm very serious about #CurvezIntheStreetz 

Lol. Daze is crazy! 

I'm grown as fuck & #Curvy. I got dimples and stretch marks.

Daze is amazing! I am so grateful for him! 
Team Scrilla Guerrillaz to the moon!

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