Wednesday, January 27, 2016

VH1's Stevie J. And Joseline Go Hollywood!

Private Pre-Viewing Party
At the Twelve Hotel, Downtown Atlanta

Guests were invited to a private pre-viewing of Stevie J and Joseline's reality show on VH1 - Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood. It was a black carpet event so your's truly, #TheCurvyButterfli had to show up in my Saturday's best, lol. Something simple I put together. I was cute tho :)

This event was packed! And my Scriilla Guerillaz family were in there deep as the ocean. hahaha.  

(Left) Cool ass @dvanteblack was looking real spiffy! I like that pic. I look like a mermaid. lol. 

(Right) @diamond_strawberry from #LHHNY. A friend of Scrilla Guerrillaz Ceo. She even partied with us at the after party. 

Actress Mena, Scrilla Guerillaz CEO Lord Daze, and yours truly, #TheCurvyButterfli
We hung out all night, even went to the waffle house. We all know that's a late night spot. lol. 

Scrilla Guerillaz Ceo is the best! Always a helping hand to others. 

(Left) My girl, Plus Model and Host, Zyoness Curves.

(Right) Tammy D Miss Fat, Ceo Of Diva 4 Life Ent

(Left) Two Diamonds! lol. Scrilla Guerillaz host Diamond P, and Ms. Diamond Strawberry. 

(Right) Zyoness Curves and Michael Majesty. 

 (Left) @michaelmajesty and I were having a hard time getting the lighting right, but we got er' done. He's so kind. 

(Right) The Seven Dollar Cupcake lady. She had an assortment of cupcakes such as : bacon, chicken and waffles, Red velvet cake, cheesecake, chocolate, and more. They were yummy! I think had the cheesecake cupcake. 

I love Ms Deb! @debra4mizay is always so fun and friendly. She looooves selfies too. That's something we have in common. She posted the selfies we took on her page. How sweet :)

 ( Left) @cisco_rosado from #LHHNY got a strong grip! lol. He was squeezing me while taking the pic. He said he works out a lot! So we'll blame it on the muscles

(Right) @mskellyprice is a sweetie every time I see her and always says "Tag me in the pic", lol. People always tell me we look alike. 

I don't waist train, but I should have got down with @premadonna87 (Center) #WaistGangSociety while she was in the building. She creates Coke bottle bodies!

The gorgeous @menaw2 (Right) will be on a screen near you soon!

After the party was the after party! At Pat's on Auburn Avenue. 
 @dorian_j1 was looking spiffy & looks just like his dad @hitmansteviej_1.Super cool dude.


(Left) @mimifaust came to the after party and had a cool ass phone case that I loved!!! It had lights around it, similar to a vanity. That's a pretty lil lady right there!

Congrats @hitmansteviej_1 (Right). The showed #StevieJandJoselineGoesToHollywood aired on VH1 Monday night, and was definitely entertaining.

Oh, In case you're wondering, Joseline did show up to the pre-viewing party, but somehow I missed her. I think she was in and out real quick!

Whelp, that's all folks!

Thank you for sticking with me!

...Chrisy Chris...

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