Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BEER Vibes 2016

A Real Caribbean Party!!! 
Sunday, February 6, 2016
At the Jolie Event Venue

Ok, So, my girl Zyoness invited me out to a Caribbean party that happens about twice a year in ATL. I was all game for it, but the catch was that it started at midnight and ended at 6 the next morning!!!! Oh Gosh! Instead of being the wimp that I wanted to be I just took me a nap and got up, went out and showed out :)

I didn't actually get into the party until 2 a.m. It was three women including myself that went, so of course somebody was late! Plus, parking was CRAZY! General Admission was $30 but you know somebody looked out for #TheCurvyButterfli ;) Admission into the venue included Caribbean food, and unlimited beer ( Heineken and Corona). I'm not a beer drinker but I sipped out of both beers because they were FREE and it was HOT in there. 

Below are screenshots of videos when I was dancing. For some reason my videos aren't loading well anymore ;(


Yes, I dropped it low a time or two! :) 

I didn't get home until 5 a.m.!!! I haven't been out that long in almost 2 years. But I enjoyed myself. Didn't meet any cute Caribbeans like I wanted to, but at least I created a memory. 

Check out the videos on my Instagram!  Just click the links below :)

That's All Folks!

...Chrisy Chris...


  1. Their manager rocks! Thanks to their great team, I'm so happy I choose this event venue for my event! I had a great time here and think the atmosphere is as good as it gets. I will be astonished if I ever find a negative review on these guys.