Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ms. Minnie ( Little Women: Atlanta) Viewing Party

At The Pizza Spot
Mableton, Georgia

Ms. Minnie and her guests met up at The Pizza Spot in Mableton,Georgia to watch the Little Women: Atlanta show on Lifetime. It was also Karaoke night so we had a blast! 


( Left) One of Floyd Mayweather's brothers (per Ms. Minnie). Sorry, I don't know his name.

( Right) A character from The Haves and Have Nots.

Ms. Minnie's miother. We sat by one another while watching the show. She laughed majority of the show. I loved it! Her laugh rubbed off on me and had me laughing.

 Ms. Minnie and her manager Nick Tanner watching the Little Women: Atlanta show. 

Ms. Minnie cried a little bit after the Pastor Troy scene. She had us all feeling bad. Although she lied about him being her boyfriend ON THE SHOW, I think there is more to it. He was at the Next 15 viewing party (where I first met Minnie). Matter of fact, as I was coming back from the restroom I saw him walking off from her section. So they definitely know one another, whether they're dating or not. 

While watching the show I was feasted on wings and margarita's.
Wings and Tea were provided. I had to get my own Margarita. But that's ok, because they had a $5 special! :)


Ms. Minnie is a fly lil lady! That's why I call her my Mini Me! 
Her hair was too cute. She got it cut and colored. It looks good on her! 
Make sure y'all tune in next week! This show is full of surprises. 

That's All Folks! 

...Chrisy Chris...

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