Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My mini me!... Ms. Minnie of LWATL

I first met Ms. Minnie at the Next 15 viewing party. 

And we've seen each other a few times after that! That's my mini me :)

It was Ironic that Ms. Minnie's Manager (Nick) at Tanner Marketing had reached out to me about her a few days before I ran into her regarding her upcoming clothing line for plus size women and more. And voila, I bumped right into her at the Next 15 viewing party.

 She's so pretty and confident....very cool and laid back.... and most definitely stylish! That's why I call her my mini me :) It's like she's a smaller version of me, and I love it. It really doesn't feel like she's a little person. Sadly, before I met her, I would stare at little people when I saw them out of amazement. But now that I've met a little person by the name of Ms. Minnie, it's no different from a person that isn't vertically challenged ( for lack of a better word) lol. She's just short, that's all. 

Guess what!? I invited her to the radio station ( Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Live) on Highly Unique Radio last Thursday for a mini interview. 

We took this picture shortly after her and Nick arrived. I just love Ms. Minnie! lol. We touched on a few things but I didn't get too personal. I could tell she would be hanging around me more and more so I wasn't going to act like I was TMZ. 

Here's what I do know:

  1. People stare at her but she doesn't really care. She just hates when someone tries to sneak and take a picture of her.
  2.  She's afraid of crowds.
  3.  She gets weird sexual offers ( e.g.) men asking her to dress up like a baby with a diaper on. 
  4.  She takes longer than me to get ready, lol. She said it takes her 2 hours. She's a real diva!
  5. She is fly! Every time I see her she has on some nice shoes. Wedges and Stilettos. I'm talking grown woman heels, and not those little kitten heels. 4 inches and up! 
  6. She does not like little men. She said she needs someone that can reach things she can't reach ( like cereal, lol). She likes men 6 feet and up.
  7. She isn't a twerker like some of her cast members. She's a classy little lady. 
  8.  She is dating, and is very happy with her boo. She didn't say his name though. lol.  I didn't want to feed into all of that. However, I've seen the stories about her and Pastor Troy on the show and in the media. 
  9. Per her manager, she's easy to manage and very understanding. She's strategic and just wants things to be done right the first time.
  10.  She's very down to earth and doesn't mind hanging out!
  11. She doesn't like when people want to baby her and pick her up. I admit, I just want to baby her too. She's so adorable. I have to remember though, that's a grown lady. lol. 

Lastly, she's a Tennessee girl too! I love it. She's from Chattanooga, and I'm from Memphis. 

@msminnie1016 of #LittleWomenAtl is the best little person ever!

The owner of Scrilla Guerrillaz Magazine @lord_daze_sg and I interviewed her. He is hilarious! @lord_daze_sg  asked her questions I didn't want to ask, like sexual questions and stuff. lol. Let's just say she's a real woman and knows how to keep her man happy like the rest of us. 

My mini me hung out with us two days after the interview.

We went to Krave Lounge for Ty's Birthday ( The Owner of Fader's Studio, where Highly Unique Radio is located) along with other guests. As usual we had fun, and she was fly as ever! 

Don't forget to check out the show on Lifetime. You'll love Ms. Minnie aka Mama Bear! 

That's All Folks!

...Chrisy Chris...

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