Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ty's Birthday ( Faders ATL Studio Owner)

At Krave Lounge 
Saturday, February 13

And your's truly, #TheCurvyButterfli was there! We were about 50 deep and all over the club. lol.The club was super smokey ( had my damn eyes and throat burning all night), so the pictures are very cloudy looking. Had to put a filter on them to bring a little life! 

Yes, that's Ty. The man with the plan. I see Ty like every Thursday while doing radio for Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine at the Highly Unique Radio station  located inside of Ty's Studio, Faders Atlanta. One time I recorded a hook for Daze and Hursh and Ty was on the keys making me feel like Taraji Henson on Hustle and Flow telling me to do it over until I got it right. lol. Lame ole me had never really been inside of a studio room or session before so I was amazed and had all kind of questions. Ty was very nice tho, and seemed to be amazed by my questions... I remember my first day at the studio; Ty asked me what I did ( profession wise) and I told him I was a groupie. He just looked and said okay, and walked off. lol. I later explained to him what my mission is and what I do and he told me he could tell I wasn't a groupie anyway ( Whew, wipes sweat!) lol. A groupie is a HORRIBLE label, but trust me, I see plenty of them weekly!

Check out other pics of Faders ATL here:


(Left) My mini me @msminnie1016 of #LittleWomenAtl came out with us.

(Right) @mslavishlady901 (also from Memphis) @lord_daze_sg  of #Scrillaguerillaz were in attendance. 

The new #SugeKnight @officialdomsantana in the upcoming Tupac #AllEyezOnMe movie was also in the building along with a few other cast members. 

 If you noticed, I was all in the holiday spirit and had on my Valentine's Day colors, lol. I'm so cheesy sometimes. VIP was cool, but that place is way too smokey for me. I literally felt like I was inside of a hookah! Ugggh. 

Whelp, That's my time yall!

...Chrisy Chris...

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