Tuesday, March 29, 2016

LHHATL Pretty Panty Party/Filming

The Haven Event Venue 
Friday, March 24

Yours truly, #TheCurvyButterfli was there and thoroughly enjoyed it! 
I looked and laughed all night, as they were filming for LHHATL and having a period panty party at the same damn time! lol. 


Congrats to LHHAtl star # StevieJ (Left) for his partnership with Pretty Panty.

(Right) @officialmjceo the CEO of pretty panty. 

Guests were given goodie bags with a box of Pretty Panties and more in it. 
Pretty panty is a DISPOSABLE fashionable panty that has a pad sewn in it. The box that I received was leopard print and a size XL, so I'm guessing they come in different sizes. However, the size XL was too small for me and is the biggest size they make right now. Therefore, I will be wearing my own pretty panties during my menses. Sucks for me! :(


My Scrilla Guerillaz family was with me. Not sure if you know this or not but, Stevie J is a partner with SG magazine. The magazine was featured on season  4 of LHHATL, so it was only right for Daze ( pictured above) to be at this event and filming of Stevie J. 

(Right Picture) Daze, owner of SH Magazine and LHHATL star Jessica Dimes. 

Us! Jessica Dimes and #TheCurvyButterfli. 

One thing I REALLY like about Jessica Dimes is that she is from Memphis, Tennessee!!! If you read my about me section http://www.thecurvybutterfli.com/p/about-me_20.html then you know that I am from Memphis too!!!!! I love to meet other successful people from Memphis; it gives me hope and inspiration!

(Left) Celebrity Chef Kymmis.
(Right) LHHATL reality star Rasheeda.

Me and my girl Shay Johnson. Shay really just came to hang out. She wasn't part of the filming but she should have been. She had me laughing all damn night. 

Stevie J, Shay Johnson, and Pretty Panty Ceo on the red carpet. 

Great Nation Entertainment.
 Two weeks ago me and the guy on the left of me were on Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Live talking about Big Girls and how we get down. lol. I'm not convinced he's a fan of all big girls, but I do think he'll get down with the right one. lol. 

Whelp that's all folks!

The Pretty Panty can be found in select Walmart stores! 

See ya in a few days!... (Next Blog)

... Chrisy Chris...

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