Saturday, March 19, 2016

PInk Curves Turns 3!

Pink Curvez Plustique is 3 Years Old Now!

Celebrated 3/18/2016 at Scales 925
Atlanta, Georgia

I have been modeling for Pink Curvez for almost 1 year now, which was actually before they relocated to Atlanta form California. When I first started the owner would fly in from Cali and have the photoshoots done here in Atlanta. We would do shoots here and there, but not every week because she still had California models. Well, now that she's here in Atlanta we have a photoshoot every week and I must say, I love it! My confidence has gone up & my wardrobe is phenomenal ( yes I keep everything I model).

Funny thing is, I remember telling Nese ( the owner) when she first asked me about modeling for her.that I didn't want to model because I didn't like photoshoots, and that I wasn't a "Real" model, lol. What the hell was I thinking!!? Hmm, maybe I wasn't lol. Well, I don't quite remember when I changed my mind but I remember asking myself why I didn't consider myself a "Real" model. I couldn't find an answer because I modeled every time I took a damn selfie for Instagram ( Filters and angles ( Ayyye, Yo Gotti!)) lol. Long story short, I still don't consider myself a model at heart, Buuuut, I do model like things! So guess what, I'm going to stick with Pink Curvez for as long as they'll have me! 

The people behind the scenes!

 (Left) our photographer, Mr.Bryant! he's so goofy and fun to work with. He's never judgmental, and is always so helpful. 

( Right) our make-up artist, Miss. Nmah! She's so damn funny and straight forward. I love our little talks about everything! She makes me laugh because she's always talking about how thick she is ( she think shes thick enough to be a plus model), lol. Funny thing is, she is a lil thick somethin! But she's not big enough to be plus size and I tell her to embrace that! She just laughs, lol. 

Her Website is:

Look at Nimah! lol. Lil cute self! I sure wish I could squeeze into that dress! lol.

 Nimah and Bryant are so fun and funny. Last night they told me that I was "dingy" but in a cute way. lol. 


A lil staff love with Nimah and Bryant. 


Look-a-here, look-a-here! It's Nese Baby, but I call her Dolla Bill! lol. That's the beautiful and curvy owner of Pink Curvez! 

What's it like to work for/with Nese?

Hmmmm. it's a blessing! But for the most part fun and funny! I call her Dolla Bill because of the way she keeps us in check when we aren't modeling right, or taking too long to change clothes, but that's about it! One of the coolest things about Nese is that she can pick clothes out for my body better than I can! lol. She knows my size, and what I look good in. I really like that. Whenever she has crop tops she says " I have something for uuuu" lol because she knows I'm a crop top shawty! And she know's I love black, so she lets me wear a lot of the black clothes until our other model, Wondrea complains about it. lol. But hey, Wondrea is "Leg Goals" so she can where that short stuff I can't wear. Too bad Wondrea was out of town, I sure missed her. 

Ok, back to modeling for Pink Curvez. Now, another thing I like is the videos that Nese does. That's actually my favorite part of the WHOLE Thing. I like the making of the video because I can see myself in motion. It might be weird but It's the truth. lol. Another thing I like is the fact that Nese feeds us! Yaaay. And lastly, we get to keep all of our clothes that we model. So that means each week I get 3 new outfits! Yaaaaas! So now I don't have to shop as much and I stay laced with the newest trends. You cant beat that! 

So do I like modeling for Pink Curvez? I would say NO, I do not Like it; I LOVE it! 

Nese and I have lil Nimah looking like meat in a sandwich! lol. I love this pic even tho I look like a giant Sweet Pickle! lol. And no, I didn't wet my pants. That's some type of strange shadow.  

There was a live band. The drinks were reasonable and fairly good. Of course I had a Pineapple Margarita. That's non negotiable. lol.

My fabulous rib meal provided by Pink Curvez. The gorgeous owner fed us dinner and a soft drink!  I am so grateful for free food! lol. 

Updated 3-22-2016
Bryant sent over some candid pictures of the celebration. 

I had such a wonderful time. 

Whelp, The sweet pickle had fun!

Make sure you follow Pink Curvez on IG at @pinkcurvez 
and check out the website

That's All Folks!

...Chrisy Chris...

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