Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ms.Juicy Babyyyy: JuicyFied Fashion Show/Filming

Introducing the Ms. Juicy Gear
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
The B Loft, Atlanta, Georgia

This event was everything! And It was completely Free!

FREE Celebrity entertainment, FREE food, an FREE drinks!!! It was definitely time well spent. 

Omg, these desserts were amazing! The owner had an interesting story about how she started baking. It's unfortunate that some losses lead to hidden talents. 

The strawberries were soooo good! They even had bling on them. lol. 

Ok, I'm not a pasta person. But my friend Zyoness convinced me to try this pasta after she went back for her second helping. Let's just say I'm glad I got to try it before it was gone. After I got my plate that was the end of that!

The open bar.

Free libations! 

Yes, I said free! I had two drinks ( vodka) with pineapple juice. I put pineapple juice in EVERYTHING.alcoholic. It keeps me sweet :) 

Oh yeah, Zyoness loves selfies and drinks. That;s my Trinidadian Butterscotch. 


Celebrity DJ. Jahlion Sound was on the 1's and 2's! 

Our host and lady of the night! 

Ms. Juicy Babyyyy and Gary with Da Tea, both from the Rickey Smiley morning show.  

Ms.Juicy on the mic and Da Brat Tat Tat during her performance.

 Yall missed it! Da Brat performed her hit song "Funkdafied" and It took me back to my younger days! ... I sure hope I held my stomach in because the cameras were rolling for TV, lol, and I had a front row seat!

During the fashion show.

 If you look closely you can see Da Brat, Rickey Smiley, and other Rickey Smiley morning show cast. Rickey Smiley tickled me pink when one of the little models came out. He kept laughing saying she was thick to be a little person. 
There were also kid models who had some serious dance skills. Those little girls had it going on! I should have been in this show! It looked fun! 

After the show the models took pics rocking their Ms. Juicy Gear with Rickey Smiley's sports editor Rock T. 

The R&B group 4 Final Draft escorted Ms. Juicy out for her closing remarks after the show. 

4 Final Draft also blessed us with their melodies. 

I don't know the name of the song but they reminded me of the Temptations.

Rickey Smiley enjoying the show. 

Afterwards Rickey Smiley congratulated Ms. Juicy and cracked a few jokes. 

Ok, Rickey Smiley is so friendly but he does not like to take pictures, he prefers hugs. He said he has been cussed out too many times for not wanting to take 601 pictures after he's already taken 600. It's funny because after the show he was talking to me and Zyoness and gave us a hug then told us we smelled like we just took a bath. lol. I love Mr. Smiley. I've gone to one of his comedy show's before. 

(Left) Music artist Da Brat. She's so damn cool! 
(Right) Music artist Tarvoria. We both loved each other's hair. 

(Left) Gary with Da Tea from Rickey Smiley's morning show.
(Right) The Queen of Atlanta Boo, Ms. Juicy! 

Ms. Juicy did her thing! I told her I should have been one of her Juicyfied models.
I keep telling yall Plus Size Is On The Rise!  
Special thanks to the Meme Agency for being so awesome!

...Chrisy Chris...

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Real Industry: Meet and Greet

Charlot's Cafe
April 24, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia

It feels good to switch roles, but I can do it all! That's why I'm #TheCurvyButterfli ... Of course the blogger in me still snapped it up and got a few pics and details for my loyals!

 ...It was hot as Monkey Balls in a pair of skinny jeans in that place, but we made it! That thing was packed! Packed house! 

Ok, soooo, early last year I went to a model casting call that someone referred me to. Long story short, I was the only Plus Size beauty to show up, but you better believe I did my thing amd pretty much wowed the judges. Shortly thereafter, I did a few photoshoots with the designer and pretty much became cool with her. Her name is Sunday, and she's the owner of Deevaz N Diamondz!  When Sunday and I met she was filming as a cast member on

 an upcoming show called The Real Industry. I came on the show a couple of times as support and for a little girl talk. Buuuuut, one time some wires or something got crossed up because Sunday and I almost fell out, and you better believe they got that on camera! It's definitely something you would want to see, so whenever this show hits the air you better stay tuned in! 

Sunday (Left) and her man Tony (Right) always look like money! They are the cutest power couple; he has his Mack Pack Events, and she has her Deevaz N Diamondz, but they truly support one another! 

On the black carpet with Sunday and her family, friends, and models. 


The boss! Kristie (Right), the founder of The Real Industry.
 I think Kristie has always believed in me! We've had a few cute little business talks and mentions about the show here and there. Too bad I met her on the back end. I probably would have been part of the filming from day one. 

Basically, the show is about the lives of 7 upcoming  industry people trying to make a future in Atlanta in 7 different ways. Viewers are sure to see the hustle and hard work that comes with success in a city where everybody is somebody, also known as Black Hollywood!

I can definitely relate to that and will be turned in whenever this show airs. 

Music artist @iamkaraelyse and I acting cute and silly. If u missed her performance at #SledgeLounge Saturday night u missed out.... keep watching #LHHATL you'll see her on the commercials.


(Left)  Spivey, Celebrity wardrobe stylist, and TRI cast member.

(Right) Zyoness, my buttertscotch/support system came out as a guest of mine. She didn't stay long enough to see the trailer/ preview of the show because it was a little toasty in the place. It's ok though, she'll see it when the show airs :)

(Left) TRI Cast Member Supa D.
(Right) Jon the Stylist, Designer, and Creative Director.


A few more of the TRI (The Real Industry) cast members! 

The Real Industry cast, as they tried to cool off and enjoy the yummy appetizers. Shoutout to the cupcake lady! Those cupcakes were everything!!!

Ok, so, the event was nice! However it was hot as Hades in that damn place!!! Part of that comes from a good turnout of friends and family who supported the cast, and myself, and the other part was due to a lack of air!!!! Although I feel like I looked sweaty in my pics, I still think I was cute tho!

Check out a few pics from Jus4Love photos. 

... At the moment, I don't know when this show is supposed to come out or where. You'll have to follow The Real Industry on Social Media to keep up with updates on the show! 

... Chrisy Chris...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Colour U Cosmetics Beauty and the Beat!

w/ LWATL Ms. Minnie and Tyler Perry's Porsha Ferguson 
Saturday, April 16, 2015
Stonecrest Mall, Lithonia Georgia

Yours Truly, #TheCurvyButterfli was in the building :)

The event was held at the Colour U Cosmetics station on the top level of the StoneCrest Mall. There is another station on the bottom level, but I didn't get a chance to go down there. 

Shoppers were given the opportunity to get a full face of makeup for a discounted price,  and a chance to meet Little Women Atlanta's  Ms. Minnie, and Tyler Perry's,  Porsha Ferguson from The Haves and The Have Nots. 


I can tell this pretty MUA is very photogenic. I was trying to take a candid photo and she looked up real quick and put on a beautiful smile! 

Ms. Minnie and Porsha Ferguson chatting before taking pics. 


Yaaas! My Mini Me! Ms. Minnie! She's so preeeetty. And she's a Tennessee beauty too. She's from Chattanooga, while I'm from Memphis! 


I'm happy to say that Porsha Ferguson and I are BOTH from Memphis, Tennessee and graduated from the same high school ( Wooddale High School). Although we did not know one another prior to this event, It feels good to meet another Memphian. We always connect on a different level!!!!!!!!! 

Photographer Kalika Wade, she was so nice and a curvy lover,
 Status Publicity's Michael Majesty, and Totally Tara PR, checking out Porsha Ferguson's picture swag! 

Here's one of Kalika Wade's photos! Thanks Kalika!

Big shout out to Totally Tara PR for inviting me! She's a sweet lady... and on her grind! I can definitely respect that!

Askia Innis, Colour U Cosmetics Project Manager. 

Well, I'd like to say I am definitely proud of us Tennessee Beautties! It can be challenging to come to a city where people are territorial, and everyone is so Hollywood, and make a name for yourself. 

Thanks for Tuning In! 
...Chrisy Chris...