Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Before I Do Movie Premiere

Saturday, May 28, 2016
Plaza Theatre
Atlanta, Georgia

Yours Truly, #TheCurvyButterfli was there! 

Along with Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine Ceo, Lord Daze ( Left), and International Minds Ceo, Hursh D.( Right). 

Family, friends, and fans gathered together on one of the busiest weekends in Atlanta (Memorial Day Weekend) and on a Saturday night at the Plaza Theatre to watch the premiere of Filmmaker, Kimberly Conner's, Before I Do movie. 

I was about a hour late due to work and disrespectful traffic, so I missed the red carpet action. I arrived in the middle of the movie and was a tad bit confused at first because of all the oohs and ahhs every time this one guy appeared on the screen. In the end I learned that this particular guy was a male whorebag, lol, and was sleeping with half of the women in the movie.  

What I got from the movie (in summation) was a firefighter finding love, and his passion in life, while dealing with lots of women and possibly scars from the past; he eventually falls in love with his best friend ( a girl), who's also secretly in love with him, and calls off her wedding on her actual wedding day, which was how the movie ended. Talk about suspense!... I wanted to know what happened after that and so did the crowd. All of the OMG!!!, That's It!?!, and No, this cant be the end!, confirmed that I wasn't the only one who didn't want the movie to end. Perhaps there will be a part 2. I strongly feel there will be a part 2. 

SG Ceo, Lord Daze ( Left) and the Before I Do Filmmaker, Kimberly Conner (Right) chatting after the movie. 

A few pics with the cast.

(Left) Actor Harold Dennis.

(Right) Actress Danielle Ward ( the whorebag's best friend who called off her wedding). lol.

A few other actors/actresses who were in the movie, but did not make the Atlanta Premiere were: 

Omar Gooding

Andrea Kelly

Jenson Atwood

and more! 


Congrats to  Filmmaker Kimberly Conner ( pictured above) on her success!. 

... Chrisy Chris...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Varasano's Day Party w/ Atlanta Media Partners CEO

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Varasano's Pizzeria,
 Perimeter Mall, DunWoody, Georgia

So, this was an ALL DAY day party at a pizza spot from 12 pm - 2am. 

I got there around 7:30 p.m. and left around 12 a.m. I can not believe I stayed that long. But let me tell ya, that place was niiiice! I'm the type to stay 2 hours max so that says a lot about this spot. Or maybe it was the fact I was there to celebrate Aisha ( Atlanta Media Partners Ceo) birthday and got carried away. Either way I enjoyed myself. I had cheese pizza, hookah ( it was a tad bit too strong for me), sangria, champagne, and vodka. Now that I think about it maybe that was the reason I had so much fun. Lol. I was lit! 

Ok, I've never been to a pizza spot and given a massage INSIDE of the pizza spot. 

Wow! Basically @BlissfulPeace_massage came up to me ( in the restroom while I was primping in the mirror, lol) and asked me if I wanted a massage. She told me she would give me a complimentary massage for 5 minutes. So I was like ok, sure! All the while forgetting I had a dress on. Good thing my thighs scrub. lol. 

Blogger/Photographer Untamed Royalty came out and was my friend all night, even after Aisha left the party, lol.

 Me and Miss Royalty enjoyed drinks, pizza, and hookah all night. Look at my hair, lol. It got a little hot in there at one point, possibly from too many libations. 

My girl Nese B ( Owner of Pink Curvez) came out to party with me.

 Nese and I just like to dress up and look cute. While she's snap chatting I'm usually enjoying a nice libation because I don't snap chat and she doesn't drink. We have an understanding and fall into place! We're often one another's picture person when we go out. We usually take about 15 pictures each before we're satisfied, and we're so okay with that, lol. 

 Sidenote: It was a guy looking at us take pics; he eventually asked me why I take so many pictures. I told him it was a woman thing and I know how I want to look in the picture. He said something to me that really stood out, something I had been thinking a while. He said, " You're taking a lot of pictures trying to look cute for yourself when everyone else probably likes the ones you don't even like. You're too hard on yourself." I was like OMG, how true. I am the most self-conscious confident person you will ever meet. And it's true, the pictures I  swear are the bomb dot com are the one's people don't even like as much. But the one's i'm not too sure about people love. Interesting...! 

(Left) The birthday girl; Aisha, Atlanta Media Partners Ceo
(Right) Singer RL from the group Next. he's always so cool and has a gorgeous smile. He came out to celebrate as well. 

Whelp, that's all folks!

 I don't know about Aisha and RL, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
I'll definitely be going back. 

...Chrisy Chris...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Held at The Georgia Conference Center
Atlanta, Georgia

I visited, but I didn't stay long. 

I was given free tickets and decided to check it out since I'm still fairly new to Atlanta and had never been before. 

It was okay. I expected it to be more than what I experienced. However, the fact that I only stayed 2 hours could have had something to do with it.

 When I got there the comedian/actress Mo'Nique was exiting off stage. I wasn't in media mode so I just looked and kept walking. NeNe Leakes also made an appearance while I was there, but again, I looked and kept it moving. I didn't purchase anything other than popcorn, lol ( I looked for a cute bracelet though). Nothing really caught my eye. I guess I was expecting to see more big name people, more vendors, and definitely more samples. I did network though, and even passed out a few business cards after getting compliments on my hair, and statuesque build. One lady asked me about trying a product that I had already received before, and after telling her I promoted it for someone she asked me how many followers I had. Wow! Social media followers make more of a difference than I thought. After I told her collectively ( Facebook and Instagram) I had 100K she said was ready to work then (we'll see). From a business perspective I get it... But I've learned the people who have the smallest following are the people that know somebody, who know somebody, and can get you to where you need to be.... But I digress...
 Kudos to the women who participated in the event, as well as the organizers! I can see myself in that whole realm one day. I'm not sure what capacity, but I can see it...

Stay Tuned! 
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... Chrisy Chris...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Did You Miss Me?...Took a Mini Break.....

Didn't Cover Any Events Last Week Or The Week Before!
I needed some me time!

 I realized how many miles I was putting on myself ( from work, to events, then back to my personal life) and like the Virgo I am, I decided to see how I could perfect my life a little better by taking a break from events. 

 I still celebrated Cinco De Mayo, went on air with Scrilla Guerillaz Radio, did my photoshoot with Pink Curvez, and an at home promotion for Audacious Ego . Now that I think about it, I really didn't have that much of a break! 

Cinco De Mayo at some random mexican spot...after getting lost and not knowing where else to go. I think this was in Fairburn Georgia.

    On air with Scrilla Guerillaz Cinco De Mayo night. That one little margarita did me right! 

Photoshoot with Pink Curvez last Sunday. 

Took A selfie and a cute little video to promote Audacious Ego. The video actually has over 34,000 views on Facebook. 

Took these pictures  last Tuesday and Saturday when I got to my office. I went in, got myself together, then came back outside for some fresh air. I'm an earth sign, so outside  is heavenly to me!  Working full time and doing so many other things is a challenge, but its fun and can be rewarding. However, I'm the kind of person that reevaluates what I'm doing to see if its worth it or not. Sooooo, if you see a shift in the things i'm doing know that it's part of the reevaluation process I have going on, sprinkled with Virgoism. lol. But stay with me... 

If you would like to work with me on any projects or ideas, please email 901Chrisy@gmail.com. I don't check my social media messages as much.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Scrilla Guerillaz Needs Another Host!

Casting Will Take Place Today.
Get your submissions in!

Candidate must like me! Just kidding. It would be nice though, considering the fact I will be on air with you at times. 

Tune in on ScrillaGuerillaz.com or the highly unique app! Call in to 404-334-0380.

... Chrisy Chris...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gocha Salon's: Gocha Illumnation Inaugural Youth Lock-In

Featuring Kandi Burruss, Kwanza Hall, and More!
Friday, April 29, 2016
Center of Hope, Atlanta, Georgia

  I've been wanting to do more volunteer work so I came on as a chaperone and session monitor. However, the inner blogger in me decided to share this experience as an attempt to spread the word about the Gocha Illumination Foundation (GIF).
 So here ya go!

Over 40 girls between the ages of 13 to 17 participated in a star studded lock in from 8pm Friday night to 7am Saturday morning  including celebrities, industry socialites and professionals, entertainment, mentoring sessions, food, fun, hair-do's, movies, and girl talk.

And although I didn't stay for the entire lock-in, I was there from 7pm Friday, until 1 am Saturday. I would have stayed longer, but the way my Saturday was set up, It was a mission  impossible.

Throughout the night selfies and social media updates were encouraged!

The girls seemed pretty comfortable with me. One girl said "Omg, why your butt so big, you pretty too tho, but your butt is biiig", lol. They also said I was the "Cool" chaperone :)

The participation throughout the conversations and mentoring sessions actually surprised me. The girls were more active than I thought they would be.

We talked about  self esteem, problem solving, vison boards, boys, bullies, the future, beauty, and more. The main thing I talked to them about was self esteem, being their own kind of beautiful, and not trying to adhere to societies beauty standards. I shared with them how I was a late bloomer when it comes to girl stuff like beauty enhancements. I didn't start wearing lipstick until about 2 years ago. I was always a clear lip gloss kind of girl. lol. I later discovered I liked color more than I thought. 


R&B Singer and Reality Star Kandi Burruss came and had a nice Q&A session with the participants.

Afterwards she introduced the girl group Glamour, who did an awesome job with their performance. Shortly thereafter we all took selfies for social media ( Behind Me: Kandi Burruss, Gocha Hawkins, and the participants).  Check us out on the video Kandi posted on her Instagram.

Kandi looks good and is a sweetie! That shirt she had on from her Tagged Boutique was everything!


I was fortunate enough to get a GIF bag filled with hair products!

When I got home I opened my bag asap! I had flat irons, curl enhancers, edge control, a t-shirt and more!

Big ups to Celebrity Hairstylist Gocha Hawkins, owner of the Gocha Salon and Gocha Illumination  for her community service and attention to others! Make sure you check the organization out and support in any way possible.

...Chris Chris...