Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Held at The Georgia Conference Center
Atlanta, Georgia

I visited, but I didn't stay long. 

I was given free tickets and decided to check it out since I'm still fairly new to Atlanta and had never been before. 

It was okay. I expected it to be more than what I experienced. However, the fact that I only stayed 2 hours could have had something to do with it.

 When I got there the comedian/actress Mo'Nique was exiting off stage. I wasn't in media mode so I just looked and kept walking. NeNe Leakes also made an appearance while I was there, but again, I looked and kept it moving. I didn't purchase anything other than popcorn, lol ( I looked for a cute bracelet though). Nothing really caught my eye. I guess I was expecting to see more big name people, more vendors, and definitely more samples. I did network though, and even passed out a few business cards after getting compliments on my hair, and statuesque build. One lady asked me about trying a product that I had already received before, and after telling her I promoted it for someone she asked me how many followers I had. Wow! Social media followers make more of a difference than I thought. After I told her collectively ( Facebook and Instagram) I had 100K she said was ready to work then (we'll see). From a business perspective I get it... But I've learned the people who have the smallest following are the people that know somebody, who know somebody, and can get you to where you need to be.... But I digress...
 Kudos to the women who participated in the event, as well as the organizers! I can see myself in that whole realm one day. I'm not sure what capacity, but I can see it...

Stay Tuned! 
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